How to Prepare for a Hike: 10 Main Tips

by Julia on November 28, 2019

Hiking is a very unique way of traveling. It lets a person to explore nature as well as find unexpected sides of their own personality. However, it is not an easy task for beginners. Here are several important steps that will ensure your hiking experience is the best.

  1. Improve your stamina

Hiking can be a great adventure shared with your friends. However, you have to be physically prepared. Hiking usually takes a lot of walking with the weight of your backpack, and it is better to prepare. Cardio workouts will be the most useful, as the goal is to build up stamina. You can opt for home training machines. For example, elliptical reviews will help you choose the perfect cardio tool.

  1. Buy the equipment

There can be no hiking without proper gear. Although it can be expensive to buy all at once, it can serve for years. The first thing you need to consider is a tent and a sleeping bag. They should be light so it is easier to carry them. You will also need a spacious backpack to store all the essentials you will need during a hike. As for the clothes, it depends on the season. The main criterion: comfort. You should be comfortable in your clothes as you will spend a lot of time walking. Moreover, you will need to buy cooking essentials such as pot and a frying pan.

  1. Prepare a route

When it comes to the technical part of the hike, the first thing will be to prepare a route and determine the duration of your adventure. If you are a beginner, we would recommend starting with no more than a 2-day-hike. The route should also be fairly easy. You need to determine the starting point as well as a destination. Moreover, it is better to calculate how many kilometers you will walk a day and where the stopping points will be. Having a strict plan is going to be helpful for beginners.

  1. Mental preparation

Although it is important to consider all technical aspects, you also need to prepare yourself mentally. For urban people, who live in gadgets and the internet, it will be a new experience to be disconnected for a few days. Spending a couple of days channeling nature without the internet and social networking can be difficult. That is why preparing mentally is crucial: you can avoid a shock of the new state of mind and body.

  1. Leg strength

Besides improving your stamina, you also need to work on your leg strength before going hiking. If to train stamina we recommended the elliptical from, for leg strength you need to work out with weights regularly. If you come unprepared, your legs will hurt and be swollen after hours of walking daily.

  1. Go with a group of friends

There are hikes to connect with nature and clear a person’s head. This is usually an individual adventure of an experienced hiker. However, for the first couple of times, we would suggest gathering a group of friends and share this incredible experience with them. It will be a lot more fun doing it collectively. Moreover, if a difficult situation occurs, it will be easier to deal with it with some friends. You will also be able to save some money on the equipment as several people can sleep in one tent.

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