5 Important Tips If You’re Planning To Camp In Cornwall

by Julia on November 18, 2019

Planning a camping trip in Cornwall? It is definitely one of the best places in the UK for camping, and not only are there lots of excellent camping locations but you can find tons of activities to keep yourself occupied too.

Before you start making any firm decisions however, there are a few important tips that may help you to plan a more enjoyable camping trip:

  • Be sure to pick the right campsite

As mentioned previously there are lots of campsites in Cornwall, but it is important that you choose the right one. It may be best to first figure out the type of camping trip that you prefer, then find a campsite that caters to it.

Aside from that you should also look at the location of the campsite, and choose one that is near any activities or attractions that you may want to visit. Try to consider other factors too, such as the facilities and amenities that the campsite provides.

  • Find a good waterproof tent

A good waterproof tent can make a world of difference when you’re camping in Cornwall. Although the weather is mostly sunny you should expect the occasional heavy shower or rainy day.

It should be noted that many campsites rent out tents, which may be preferable to packing one and carrying it with you.

  • Pack a cool box

One item that you really can’t do without when you set up camp in Cornwall is a cool box. Any perishable food or drinks won’t last very long in the Cornish sun, and so having a cool box with you will make a world of difference.

  • Prepare for cool nights

The nights in Cornwall can get a bit chilly, even during summer. It is best that you prepare for some cool nights, and bring along warm clothes, thick blankets, or a good sleeping bag. If you have one you may want to even bring a portable heater along with you.

  • Try planning an off-peak trip

If you’re on a limited budget, you could think about planning an off-peak trip. In other words you should try to plan a trip that doesn’t land on the weekends, and definitely does not take place during the school holidays.

The rates of campsites are generally much cheaper when off-peak. On top of that most tourist attractions, activities, public transport, and even some amenities may be cheaper too.

Hopefully these tips should help you to plan your camping trip more carefully, and ensure that you’re well-prepared by the time you set off. Be sure to do your research however, and look up various campsites in Cornwall to find the one that fits your needs best.

Always remember that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to camping. At the end of the day your focus should be on planning a trip that you will find enjoyable, and then looking at ways that you can make it happen in Cornwall.

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