Tips for Securing the Best Furnished Apartment in Warsaw

by Julia on October 29, 2019

Warsaw is a unique city located in the heart of Poland. It is one of the fantastic reconstructed old towns. It is famous for its Gothic-style structures coupled with some modern office blocks. Its thriving arts scene, which includes music and theatre, attracts thousands of tourists annually. As a result, demand for furnished apartments for rent is on the rise in Warsaw.

If you are on an extended business trip or you are looking for temporary housing for relocation, you will have a handful of choices in Warsaw. Therefore, evaluating your supplier options from the marketplace is your number one thing to do beforehand. Here, we will give you the guidelines to follow to arrive at the best choice.

  1. 1.      Why business travelers are opting for furnished apartments
  • Long duration trips

Presently, most businesses have become more global. As a result, overseas visits are rapidly increasing, especially to the Europe continent. Hotels are often commonly used accommodations for travelers. However, spending a long duration in a hotel room can be monotonous and weary. As a result, business travelers and tourists are opting for furnished apartments to spend their time. It not only gives a luxurious lifestyle, but it also enhances the feeling of being at home.

  • Cost consciousness

Surprisingly, rental apartments are not as expensive as people may think. On the contrary, they are more cost-friendly that even hotels. Hotel costs keep increasing, especially in dense urban cities and during certain seasons. Therefore, renting an apartment as an alternative accommodation is a decision you can consider.

  • Perfect Accessibility

In Warsaw and other major cities across the globe, furnished apartments are ideally located near major amenities and sceneries.  As a result, apartments are receiving an influx of visitors every day.

  1. 2.      Factors to consider when choosing an apartment

a)      How many apartments are available on your platform?

Understanding the apartment supply volume builds confidence since it assures you of getting the right one that matches your needs.

b)      What kind of accommodation needs do you have?

Finding a perfect apartment that suits your travelers’ needs is key to an individual or business. Undoubtedly, some people are not comfortable staying in someone else’s personal space. In such cases, privately owned homes are a perfect match for them rather than apartments.

c)      What is your nightly budget for accommodation?

Comparing the costs of various accommodation providers will help you land the most cost-efficient. Budget is the most significant factor many people consider when searching for a short-term rental. It is the perfect pointer to determine what apartment price range fits it best. However, a furnished apartment, for instance, will cost more despite your budget. Also, put into consideration other amenities offered by the apartment that may not be included in the rent.

d)      Consider other utility costs

Apart from rent, it is crucial to take into account the utility costs that are on your bill. In most cases, some utility bills are included in the rent you pay, whereas others you have to cater to them yourself.  For instance, most business apartments in Warsaw offer free Wi-Fi, cable TV, water, and electricity bills all included in rent. In your apartment hunt, create pros and cons list for each apartment you view. With this, you narrow your choices, and you can quickly pick up the best fit for you.

e)      Does the location suit your needs?

Accessibility is another important consideration you need to make while choosing a rental apartment. Always determine beforehand how far the rental will be from the places you need to visit and to other amenities like restaurants. Also, make sure the area is accessible by either foot, personal car, or public transport as per your requirements.

f)       Safety

Finally, whether you are renting a furnished apartment for vacations or business trips, safety is paramount. Check out the neighborhood and the interior ahead of time to determine if it is secure or not. Things like private entrances, 24/7 security guards, and working locks will guide you on this.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a perfect vacation place for you and your family, or a business trip, Warsaw is the best place to visit. The city has the most modern furnished apartments for rent, and the cost of living is perfectly fit for anyone.

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