Exciting Places to Visit in Cuba

by Julia on October 14, 2019

If you are a fan of classic cigars, salsa, rum, and a beautiful destination, you have to plan a trip to Cuba. This tranquil island allows you to explore the beauty and depth of the state. For instance, Havana is famous for its international cuisine and 5-star hotels. Santiago is unforgettable for its heroes, poets, and musicians.

To explore Cuba, you will need a visit visa to avoid legal complications. Check this link https://www.visacuba-online.com/ to understand the process of visa application. After getting a permit, prepare a list of exciting places to visit in Cuba. Here are some notable locations to visit.

Jardines Del Rey

It is an archipelago in the north of Cuba. The location has a chain of islands, such as Cayo Romano, Cayo Paredon Grande, Cayo Guillermo, and Cayo Coco. Remember, Cayo Coco has a famous beach, Playa Pilar. For your convenience, several resorts are located near this beach.


Baracoa is the First City founded in the 16the century by Diego Velazquez (famed explorer). You can explore its colonial architecture, such as Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion. Baracoa is famous for visiting EI Yunque for hiking and exploring the lush, green rainforest.


The unique atmosphere of this city makes it famous among tourists. The La Perla del Sur is known as the Southern Pearl. If you want to explore the modern architecture of the mid-century, you must visit Punta Gorda (peninsula). They have preserved several homes from the 1950s. Pueblo Nuevo, in the middle of the city, has a history museum. Feel free to dine at outdoor cafes or take lessons in French or Spanish.

Santiago de Cuba

This coastal city is situated in eastern Cuba and famous for its colonial history. You can explore the architecture of the 16th century in this area. The Parque Cespedes is located in the heart of the city. Remember, this central plaza has historical Spanish expatriate structures. Feel free to explore the fortress of the 17th century the “Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca”.


Cuba is famous for its numerous national parks. Vinales Valley is the most beautiful park to visit. This place is renowned for its history and stunning destination. Mountains make this valley the most beautiful place to visit. Tobacco is still an essential part of the iconic Cuban cigars. For a boat ride, you must visit Indian Caves or Cuevas del Indio.


If you love architecture and history, you can’t miss Trinidad in Cuba. Beautiful neo-Baroque buildings surround Plaza Mayor and make it an attractive place for tourists. Visit the Museum of the War or the Lucha Contra Bandidos. You can shop for handcraft mementos from Plaza Mayor. Feel free to buy napkin linens and hand-sewn tablecloths. The Museo Romantico has a fantastic collection of antiques and artworks from the 19th century.

Caguanes National Park

For adventure and eco-tourism, Caguanes National Park is a great destination. The park is famous for Caguanes Cay, Guayaberas, Piedra Cays and Cienaga swamp. Access this park from Yaguajay on the Atlantic coast in Sancti Spiritus Region.

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