Handy Tips for Leaving Your Car at the Airport

by Julia on October 9, 2019

Travelling is a very hectic process, and every little thing that revolves around your travel journey can get overwhelming. This gets especially worse when you have your car to worry as well about over everything else. This could include any kind of problems regarding your car, such as where to leave it when you go away and the places you have in mind to park your car. People who live in Melbourne may not have a garage for their cars, and if they are planning to go away for a long vacation then parking it on the street is not really an option because of the danger of it getting towed or damaged. If you are considering affordable Melbourne Airport Parking, then that could be a wise option for you. We have a list of things that you should do to make you’re the entire process as smooth as possible.

  1. Making sure all valuables are out of sight

We are all guilty of leaving important things in the car. This could include important documents, jewelry, watches and more. While this is okay when you know you are the only one using your car, you have to make sure that your car doesn’t have any of these when you hand it over to the airport parking lot. This doesn’t mean that airport parking is dangerous and unsafe, it is just a precautionary measure because your car might be driven by different people who work at the facility.

  1. Filling your tires

Melbourne is notorious for having the hottest summers, and if your planning to escape the heat, make sure you have recently filled in your tires. While this may sound like an unnecessary thing to do since the car wont be driven around and will be parked at Melbourne airport, you will be surprised at how quickly car tires lose air especially in hot weathers. And it would be especially frustrating to have to come back to a flat tire after a long and tiring haul.

  1. Making sure you have cleaning supplies in the car

Because the car will be sitting around for the entirety of the time you are gone, it is very likely to collect a lot of dust. So it can be very useful to have some wet wipes or glass cleaners in the car so that you could at least have the means to clean the windshield.

  1. Cleaning it out

Remember, your car will be parked and closed for a duration of time and you definitely would not want to come to a funky smell. Make sure you have removed all sorts of trash from the car such as take out boxes, coffee cups etc. you will thank yourself once you come back to a clean and nice smelling car.

  1. Making sure you know where you are parked

Unless you use valet parking, it is very important that you remember exactly where you have parked your car in the ocean of cars. In order to do this, you could either write down the number and row of where your car is, which would be written somewhere, or you could take a picture of the car and something near by that will help you remember.

  1. Choosing the right kind of parking

There are apps like parkos, that will help you locate the best kind of airport parking that is also low cost because these things can get super expensive very quickly. So make sure you check the app prior to parking your car, and you never know you could potentially get some great discounts. Moreover, make sure you know how to get on the shuttle bus of the airport if things go slightly unplanned.

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