Why Kauai Is The King Of The Hawaiian Islands

by Julia on October 8, 2019

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Known as “The Garden Isle”, Kauai is one of the lesser-known of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. If you talk to travelers that have visited the Pacific Paradise state they will undoubtedly rave about which island is their favorite. The thing is, once people have visited Kauai, they always seem to come back.

Kauai has a little bit of everything that you would want in a tropical destination. The lush flora and varied geography are both reasons enough to make you feel like you are in paradise. If you have a sense of adventure or are just looking for a relaxing oasis, Kauai has everything that you could want.

This smaller Hawaiian island has a smaller population and is much less commercial than the Big Island. There are limited resorts to choose from that give this destination a more exclusive vibe. There are several premium luxury accommodations like Koloa Landing Resort, so make sure you book your dream vacation on the beach.

Not all of the Hawaiian islands are created equally. They all have their claims to fame, but Kauai has a bit of everything which makes it the King of the Islands.

Water Fun

One of the perks of vacationing on an island is your proximity to crystal clear waters to enjoy a range of sports. Kauai does not disappoint those who love to get in the water.

You can enjoy world-class surfing without the crowds or take a relaxing and exotic river cruise into the heart of the island. There are plenty of outfitters on the island that can help you get set for diving, snorkeling, surfing or fishing.

Spectacular Hiking

The varied landscape of Kauai is one of the reasons that it has become such a pleasure for hiking enthusiasts. You can follow the Na Poli coast and discover undisturbed beaches and coves along the Kalalau Trail.

If you love heights and panoramic views you need to check out Waimea Canyon. Climb up to the rim of the canyons and then descend down into the depths of the island where you will find a series of magnificent and unforgettable waterfalls and pools.


With a smaller population, Kauai has been able to preserve much of its natural environment without interference with commercial and tourist interests. With less natural disturbance, the natural and local wildlife still flourishes in the area. Countless bird species, dolphins, migrating whales, and sea turtles can all be spotted on your adventure.

Lush Fauna & Flora

Kauai more than lives up to its namesake as “The Garden Isle”. Along with thousands of native species, most of the natural land is still largely untouched, making this a glorious tropical paradise. The island is host to four Botanical Gardens, dozens of private garden parks and a creative natural sculpture park.


If you are planning your next trip to Hawaii and are looking for a more laid back and natural destination that still has all of the things you want in an island getaway, Kauai might be the gem that you have been looking for. With a more remote and traditional feel, Kauai will keep you coming back for more adventure again and again.

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