Travel Packing Checklist – The Essential Items For Travel.

by Julia on October 1, 2019

Going on holiday is a time filled with anticipation and the enjoyment of escaping the mundanity of a daily routine, but the days running up to your holiday are more often than not filled with unnecessary stress as you quickly try to pack whilst making sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Sound familiar? Take a ready of this ultimate packing list to make sure you leave the house with everything you need.


There are a few items that we would class as essential, as without these items you won’t be getting very far. The first and possibly the most important is your passport, closely followed by the boarding passes and money. Without these items you will struggle to have a good time so when prioritising, make sure these come first!


When packing your toiletries make sure you check out what you are and are not allowed to take on board the plane, as different airlines often have different rules. One rule to go by though is no more than 100ml of liquids allowed in the cabin. Before confining your liquids to travel sized vessels check what is provided in the accommodation where you are staying, as it is not uncommon for hotels to provide the majority of toiletries you will need during your stay.


You are going on holiday so it’s going to be sunny right? Not always, so it will pay to check the weather as you don’t want to be the one in shorts and flip flops if torrential rain hits. It could pay dividends to pack an extra outfit or two just to cover the eventualities, especially if travelling with children. If you are travelling as a group for a stag or hen party then personalised garments are a must have, not only to make a statement but to ensure any stragglers can find the pack! There are many companies that offer personalised clothing such as Banana Moon so you can make sure this item is ticked off your list.

Suitcase or Carry on?

How long you are travelling for and who you are travelling with will most likely dictate this one. If you are travelling for business or a weekend break chances are you won’t need much more than a carry on, if this is the case its worth checking the size and weight limits, as again these change by airline.

Your House

This is probably the last thing you want to be thinking about before you leave for your holiday but taking a minute to check things like your pets are looked after heating timer is appropriately set, and all doors and windows are closed and locked will give you peace of mind whilst away, and ensure you come back to a disaster-free home.

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