Healthy Travel Destinations in the US

by Julia on September 20, 2019

When people are thinking about traveling to new places, they can sometimes suffer from tunnel-vision and fail to see that there are a lot of options available to them if they just look. We’re talking about healthy travel destinations where you can go and lose all the year-round built stress and fatigue. You may be tempted to go to New York to get a bite of one of their famous hotdogs served on a street cart. While that may be a nice experience, it’s not even close to being as fulfilling as visiting a healthy destination where you can breathe fresh air and sleep as sound as a baby.

The irony of this situation is that the US is infamous for its unhealthy food where tourists are found stuffing themselves with the oiliest and fattiest of foods for the whole duration of the trip. The food options may seem limited as you’re constantly bombarded with unhealthy choices, but that’s not necessarily the truth. While the food options look like they’re lacking, if you look hard enough, you will find amazing health gems right around the corner. The worldwide and US movements towards switching to a healthier lifestyle as extreme obesity is considered one of mankind’s vilest enemies, is shining some light on amazing healthy destinations.

Traveling to the US comes with some advantages as you don’t need to get vaccinated as the number of viral and bacterial infections is quite low. You can be sure that you won’t contract malaria and hepatitis easily, especially when you’re traveling to a healthy destination. You don’t have to go to some exotic place in the second half of the world and drink fluids for a couple of weeks to have a healthy vacation. The US is full of great wellness resorts and spas that can make sure you get everything you need for a healthy destination. The advantage in the US is the utilization of technology to synchronize well with a healthy lifestyle so you’d be getting the best out of both worlds, luxury, and healthiness. You will be spending a week or two getting yourself pampered and treated like royalty while staying healthy. Some weight loss resorts even offer the best of both worlds by focusing on fitness and diet while not forgetting convenience and luxury. You’d hardly think of weight loss as a chore while you’re enjoying your time in these resorts. We’ll be giving you a list of the best healthy travel destinations in the US, whether you’re on a budget or willing to spare no cent to pamper yourself, you’ll find the perfect place for you on this list.

The Lodge

On the upper side of Pennsylvania, The Lodge at Woodloch Spa is a true marvel of the combination of nature and technology. You will feel one with nature by doing numerous activities at such a luxurious and relaxing pace. Hiking, yoga, and sunbathing are all popular activities there that could remove that layer stress off you in no time. The Lodge has in it what they call Whisper Lounge, which is a sensory-fulfilling haven for those who have had it with all the noise the cities impose on them. Hydromassage Waterwall pools, exercise areas, steam, sauna, and many other activities that will make you feel like you’ve drunk the elixir of immortality. A team of professionals is also there to provide you with full care and treatment of your body and face, from massages to pedicures, you can expect the royal treatment. A popular treatment of choice is their Lodge Body Polish which uses a splendid blend of different herbs and minerals that can stimulate your blood circulation and exfoliate your skin to soften it.


If you’re looking for a little adventure of self-exploration and spiritual healing, the red haven of Arizona, Sedona, should be at the top of your list. The reason the area of Sedona is spiritually popular and visited by a huge number of people every year is that it’s considered the center of different spiritual and energy vortexes that spew untainted earthly energy. In such a spiritual area, there is absolutely no shortage of life coaches, spiritual healers, massage therapists, Reiki gurus, and many other different forms of spiritual guidance pioneers. It’s perfect for pretty much anytime in the year with art galleries in town that pamper the creative part of one’s mind. Visitors don’t only visit it for its majestic spiritual side, but also the unique cuisine offered and the relaxation provided by its spa. Luxurious hotels are also an option for those looking to take their experience into a smooth fancy level. Whether you’re physically fatigued or spiritually stagnated, this city can take guide you to the right path.

Mohonk Mountain House

Many New Yorkers try to get out of the bustling city and retreat to a quieter destination to enjoy moments of peace and natural silence. Mohonk Mountain House is considered a gem hidden in northern New York. A beautiful Victorian castle that is currently celebrating 150 years since its founding by the Smiley Family. Their resort is situated in a national historic landmark in the middle of more than 40 thousand acres of forest. Their award-winning spa is one of the best in the country with an amazing eco-friendly environment that blends you right in with nature once you set foot inside the mountain house. Here is a fun fact: the quartz used in the building of the castle and also in the spa’s walls was recycled during the building process of the property; more than 600 tons were recycled. What kind of a fancy place in New York that doesn’t offer huge golfing courses? Mohonk Mountain House has on-site golf areas with the best view in the whole of New York. Their spa specializes in unique treatments like the Texting Tension Tamer Massage and the Be Well aromatherapy.

Lumeria Maui

For those who like to combine pleasure with business, and by business, we mean healthy treatments, visiting an island in Hawaii sounds like a trip to paradise. This island is mainly a huge resort in the secluded Maui Island. We’ve mentioned a few spiritually-focused, healthy travel destinations, but this is the first-fitness focused resort we’ll be mentioning. The Lumeria Maui is famous for its hiking trails and surfing spots thanks to the waves Hawaii is popular for. While the outdoor activities are dominant, but that doesn’t mean that the spa treatment and yoga sessions aren’t majestic as well. Your stay is inclusive of everything the resort has to offer from accommodation to their fitness sessions and signature spa treatments. There are 24 guestrooms, all accommodated with organic Hawaii interiors, in addition to the beautiful and relaxing garden and ocean views. The climate on the island is so good that they didn’t need to install air conditioning. The resort/island offers a special women’s retreat with customized programs to help them find inner peace and embrace their dreams.

Joshua Tree National Park

While it may not be for fans of resorts and spas, Joshua Tree National Park is between the Mojave Desert and the Colorado Desert. Once you land there, you’ll be able to smell the sense of adventure around you. Well-known to the communities of rock climbers, nature-lovers, and stargazers, this national park is one of the most stunning marvels of nature in the whole of California. You’ll feel as if you stepped back in time hundreds of years thanks to the slow pace of the local life, peacefulness, and the quiet atmosphere surrounding the whole park. Those who are looking to meditate can do so amidst the natural hills under the stunning red sunsets. There is no shortage of activities for those who are interested in rock climbing and hiking in this huge 1200 square miles national park. There are almost no signs of pollution whatsoever as you’d be able to see with a simple glance to the colorful skies above. If you happen to be under a budget, a visit to Joshua Tree National Park is going to be right up your alley.

Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau Resort

The Fontainebleau Resort is one of the most luxurious resorts in Miami. The Lapis Spa is a tropical and a natural spa instilled with the best treatments this country has to offer in terms of luxury and comfort. With ceilings-to-floor windows overlooking palm trees and the sea, you’d feel right in the middle of a tropical paradise. A rain tunnel that connects different spa rooms is an experience that is simply a joy in itself. Warm and gentle droplets of water raining down as you walk down to the room, you could even stop and bask in the relaxing aura this rain provides, quite unique yet very simple. A huge and deep mineral pool provides you with rejuvenating energy that will keep you refreshed for what the spa still has to offer. Four-hand massages are quite loved by the regulars of the place, in addition to advanced microdermabrasion and scalp treatments. The spa also provides services customized for men like deep sports massage. Guests can enjoy access to the bar and an outdoor beach as they wait.


Situated in Tucson, Arizona, Miraval is an award-winning spa that combines both feats of complete physical relaxation and spiritual exploration. Miraval is surrounded by more than 400 acres of land as it’s a haven in the Arizonian desert. You’d be tempted to stay an extra day after your spa visit just to admire the beauty and natural marvels of the desert. You can easily see the Santa Catalina Mountains from any place with windows in the resort/spa. You can rest assured that all the food you’ll be eating at this resort is organic and locally-sourced. As sustainability is the resort’s main focus since it’s right in the middle of the desert-like an oasis, healthy living is a must. You’ll be able to get your fair share of physical activities as there is a swimming pool, sessions of Pilates, and numerous hiking routes. This resort has programs that can help women spring back from illness and stressful life experiences. Those who enjoy art will be able to feast their eyes on magnificent fine art installation throughout the resort.

Allison Inn & Spa

This cozy 35-acre inn is nestled in the beautiful Willamette Valley, Oregon. The inn is a 4-story building is decorated with traditional lodge materials to achieve a modern yet natural look. It has 77 deluxe rooms in addition to 8 suites distributed across the 4 stories of the building. This eco-friendly resort makes sure that Oregon’s famed wine resources are used well with the famed Jory Restaurant and Bar. Some spaces allow for business meetings and casual social gatherings for those like to mix their day between relaxation and socialization. They provide Pinotherapy which is a pinot-based treatment that uses wine and grape extracts sourced right from the inn’s vineyard. Their signature is the Grape Seed Cure which consists of a grape scrub, honey, and wine which is then complemented by a massage with shea butter.

Art of Living Retreat Center

Just like its name implies, the Art of Living Retreat Center teaches the arts of being at peace with oneself, in addition to being on all lists of the best wellness resorts in the US. Founded Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the famous spiritual teacher, the focus of the resort is on spirituality and mental health; meditation and Ayurvedic detox programs are quite abundant. It boasts a variety of programs that are being taught by different cultures and organizations around the world. From philosophy workshops to walks in nature, you’ll find it all in the Art of Living Retreat Center. Their spa correctly reflects the environment’s aura and can truly take care of the body, mind, and spirit.

When it comes to looking for the best healthy travel destinations in the US, you’d be overwhelmed by the number of great options you could choose if you know how to look right. Give your body/mind the break that it has been longing for.

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