Best Ways to Get Around Italy

by Julia on September 10, 2019

Your glamorous Italian holiday is almost here! You’ve got your tickets and are packing your bags so its time to plan your itinerary so you know what you want to do and where you want to go while you are there. Italy is large, and there is a lot to see. Whether you are traveling within one area, or attempting to see a little of everything, you will need to know how to get around.

We have some of the best travel tips for your next international holiday. This way, you can get around without hassle. In addition, you won’t have to spend all your fun money on transportation.

Travel With Trains

Italy is known for its well-run national train system. These trains cover most of the country, so you can pretty much get anywhere relatively fast. For those looking to save some money, there are plenty of high-speed options to take you from city to city. For those hoping for something more luxurious, there are some privately owned options. These are perfect for a more glamorous trip.

These Italo trains are a bit more aesthetically pleasing, and include free Wi-Fi and on-board movie showings. Many include beautiful lounge areas for high-paying riders. These lounges are great to relax in between trips at major stations. These trains are not any faster than the public trains, but offer a more up market experience.

Travel Like A Local With Car Rentals

Trains are a great way to immerse yourself in the city. Nothing beats the independence of having your own vehicle in the city. The experts at and other sites like them allow users to compare rates so that they can find the best, most cost-effective rental for their trip.

Renting a car means travel at any time of day or night. If you are wary of using public transportation in the later evening, a rental car is perfect. It allows travelers a bit more privacy than public trains. You can travel on your own schedule without having to wait around for departure times. You can also store your luggage safely in the vehicle, rather than out in the open on a train.

Italy From Above – Travel By Plane

While traveling by plane may not seem convenient, it is often the best choice for going large distances. Italy is a massive country, and runs almost entirely north to south. This means that getting from Milan to Rome could take hours, or even days, depending on how you travel. Traveling by plane ensures less time spent on travel, and more on exploring the beautiful country.

Travelers who hope to visit Sardinia and Sicily, the two island regions of Italy’s 20 total regions, should seriously consider transportation by plane. Alitalia is the major airline for Italy’s domestic flights, but there are plenty of options available for traveling by air in Italy.

The Bottom Line

There is much to see when visiting this massive country. The fact that Italy is so huge means that its culture varies greatly between the 20 distinct regions. If you truly want to get a taste of everything the country has to offer, you should maximize the efficiency of your travel plans.

Use these tips to find out whether traveling by train, car rental, or plane is best for you. These modes of transportation differ in terms of price, convenience, and distance, but they are all wonderful ways to traverse the country. Consider all the important factors regarding your travel plans including places you’re visiting, length of trip, and budget, in order to plan the very best holiday for you and your fellow travelers.

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