8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation as a Student

by Julia on September 6, 2019

While it goes without saying that the most productive thing you can do this summer vacation is to join a reputed summer school like the one in Cambridge University colleges to learn beyond what your school teaches you, there are a bunch of other fruitful things as well which you can choose to do this summer vacation to make the most of it;

1. Volunteer at an NGO:

To be able to help others is an important quality you need to develop that will help you lead a life filled with compassion for others. If you get a chance to volunteer at an NGO, that would be a fulfilling way to spend the summer.

2. Take Your Hobby to the Next level:

Everyone has a hobby that is productive as well. During school time, you usually do not get the time to follow your hobby hence when you are on vacation, follow your hobbies passionately. If you love to read, join a library, if you love music, learn an instrument. Do whatever makes you happy and aim to be an expert in it.

3. Declutter Your Room:

Most of the year you will not get time to rearrange your room and declutter it. Vacation is the best time to restyle your room and create an ambiance which is inspirational.

4. Take up a Summer Job:

It is a great idea to get a summer job in a restaurant or as a babysitter just to make some extra money. You can save this money for something big, like your first car in the future. There are multiple job options you can choose from and it need not bore you.

5. Family Time:

It goes without saying that spending time with family is the most important thing to do on vacation as most of the year you are busy with other priorities.  Spend quality time with parents, visit grandparents as well. Have a family get together and have some fun with everyone.

6. Learn a New Skill:

As I have mentioned previously, joining a summer school can be really productive as you will learn more than what they teach you at school along with real-life skills, but if that is not possible then learn skills by using the power of the internet. Find useful videos or join courses online that will teach you to be both knowledgeable and wise.

7. Take a Break:

Yes, you need to do a variety of things to improve your skills but do not forget that schools give a vacation for a reason. The entire year you have to either study or run from one tuition to another. Vacation is a time to take a break and relax, destress yourself from the daily schoolwork and to just laze around a bit. Do not get so engaged in other activities that you forget to take rest. People who are highly productive understand the importance of taking breaks.

8. Travel Abroad:

Go travelling overseas and broaden your horizons. Get a summer job overseas such as fruit picking or bar work, teaching English or waiting staff. You can travel easily on a budget if you go camping and earn some money whilst you do it! If you’ve saved you can venture further afield and explore the far flung corners of your world – this will open your mind and expand your learning when back at home. Making friends overseas is a wonderful thing to do.

Summer vacation need not be a time for you to only laze around, use it productively to develop your skills and be future-ready.

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