10 Things Not to Miss on a road-trip across the USA

by Julia on September 6, 2019

Can you believe how fast the summer has zoomed past? Well, fall is setting in, and with fall comes new beginnings and new adventures. Fall also acts as a reminder that the year is almost coming to an end, and that you will have to finish off all those items that you put down as part of this year’s bucket list. If you are like me, you probably had a road trip planned. What is better time is there to have a cross-country road trip than the fall? Think about the moderate weather and the excitement of the coming festivals and celebrations. Well, if this is an item in your list, the first step should be getting a rental car. No one offers better deals on rental cars than Payless San Francisco.

After you have gotten a car model that you are comfortable with, you need to sit down and make a list of must-see places along your journey. Here are ten things that you should have on your list.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona

Does one even qualify to say that they went on a cross country road trip if they did not visit the Grand Canyon? The beautifully rugged depression tells millions of years of geological history. The fauna and flora spice up the experience, with the Colorado River being the icing on the cake. The Grand Canyon cuts across Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.

Lake Tahoe in California

This is one of the most popular places to go on boating trips. It is the biggest Alpine lake in the state. You will love the mesmerizing blue waters, the idyllic sunsets, and panoramic views from the surrounding mountains. It is a piece of paradise.

 Mount Rainier National Park in Washington

The national park surrounds one of the few remaining active volcanoes in the country. The park has one of the most diverse collections of fauna and flora. You will love nature walks and if you have a chance, opportunities to camp.

Monument Valley in Utah

A little bit of the west will make your trip worth remembering. The majestic sandstone formations which rise from the earth are some of the most beautiful sceneries that come from Utah.

The Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

This is the oldest headlight in the state. It is perfectly located on the shoreline, and is quite a sight, especially when the sunsets. At sunset, the blue waters reflect on the tower, giving it a beautiful shade of pink.

Hamilton Pool Preserve in Dripping Springs, Texas

This is one of the best places to stop by and have a relaxing swim as you enjoy nature. The national preserve is a swimming hole located near a waterfall. You can take photos, swim, and interact with Austin locals.

The Geothermal Pools of Yellowstone

Is there a more stunning natural reserve than the Yellowstone Park? Well, the park has an endless number of geothermal pools, beautiful rocks, and even volcanic action. A stroll through the park feels like an episode of National Geographic, but better.

The Hollywood Sign in LA

You cannot convince anyone that you experienced a full cross-country trip if you have not stopped at the Hollywood sign. This sign is the epitome of everything that is LA. While in the area, you can check out the Griffin Observatory.


Las Vegas is famous for one thing, and there is no way you can plan a road trip and leave some Vegas gambling action out. Besides gambling at the casinos, you can also walk down the strip and take a ride on the tallest rides on the strip. Vegas is the most amazing place to stop by with family and friends, especially if you have a party to attend or something huge to celebrate.

The Stunning Florida Keys

Florida is arguably one of the most vibrant and colorful parts of our country. A few kilometers from Miami is the Florida Keys, whose weather, architecture and surroundings will make you feel like you got lost in a tropical paradise.

The country is full of amazing places to visit and things to do on a road trip. The only thing that you need to do is ensure that you have a reliable vehicle with you. Payless car rental SFO will cover your car rental needs and give you the road trip experience of a lifetime.

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