5 Things You Should Do When In Barcelona

by Julia on August 28, 2019

When in Spain, visiting Barcelona is compulsory as it is utterly incomparable. It is one of those must-see cities whose architecture, unforgettable buildings, artwork, and history speak for itself. Barcelona has something to offer to everyone. People from different countries and cities come here to enjoy food, culture, beautiful buildings, yacht events, and much more.

Moreover, clan urban beaches, great shopping experience, and world-class nightlife is something not to miss out. I am assuming you are planning to visit this amazing city and if so you have come to the right place to make a list of places to see. To learn more about them, stick to this article!

Eating in Barcelona

When it comes to eating international food, Barcelona has a lot to offer. Probably the most famous dish ruling the street of Barcelona from the past decade has to be the Japanese-style noodle bars. Another delight which you should try is pintxos, Basque-style bar snacks. In this meal, you will be served with croquettes and fish on a piece of bread secured with a toothpick (pincho).

If you want to have typical Catalan snack, then do not miss out on Pa ambtomàquet and a rustic bread covered in tomato pulp and oil. Moreover, for the yummy main course, you’ll have to get beats arròsnegre, rice simmered with cuttlefish or squid. To finish off, you must try rich crema catalana for dessert.

Sunset Sailing Experience from Port Vell

If you always wanted to see a mesmerizing sunset, then you have the chance to experience the best of all. You can watch the skyline of Barcelona as the sun goes down and to experience unforgettable sublime sunsetyacht or boat is the ideal option which you can hire from Gotland Charter. This romantic evening would be ideal for couples, friends, and even with family, you’ll be caught in the moment.

Las Ramblas

If you are a tourist and planning on visiting Barcelona any time in the future then this is the one thing you have to do. For locals, it might be a normal place, but you have to visit this sequence of promenades running from Plaça de Catalunya down to the Columbus Monument at the waterfront. Visiting this place in summers would be the perfect time as you’ll be beneath the shade of the tall plane trees.


This is the place where you should start your trip from. The SagradaFamília is the combination of several architectural styles such as Catalan Modernism, Spanish Late-Gothic, and Art Nouveau. However, when you look up at the ceiling of the naveGaudí’s masterpiece rebels these kinds of classifications. This one of a kind project is yet to complete and after finishing it will be the tallest church building worldwide. When you visit this rich in history place, you’ll experience there is no religious structure that resembles SagradaFamília.

City Beaches

No trip is complete without visiting Barcelona City beaches. Barcelona’s beachfront boardwalk is miles long, and if you walk from Barceloneta to Diagonal Mar it will take almost an hour to get there. The westernmost beaches like SantSebastià are more touristy and busy just because of the Barceloneta’strendy shops and bars. However, if you want some room to breathe, chill, and relax, you can walk towards Olympic Port to find a little space.

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