Easy way to move with your family to Chicago

by Julia on July 29, 2019

Chicago is a great place to live, cleaner than New York and nicer than Los Angeles, the largest metropolis in the Midwest. It offers ample jobs, reliable public transportation and is rich in art and history. The windy city is hailed for its fabulous architecture, schools, and cuisine. Despite not having access to a coast, the lakefront is a major part of the city lifestyle and a nice getaway from the summer heat. People move to Chicago because of the multitude of opportunities that can provide a better quality of life to their families.

Here is some basic knowledge to consider when moving with your family to Chicago, so you don’t walk into the Windy City unprepared:


1) Start saving

The first thing you should start will is planning your budget. Start with covering your shipping, insurance, utilities, healthcare and security deposits for renting or purchasing your new home. Chicago’s housing market is one of the best bargains in North America.

2) Locate Movers

Hiring a moving company can make your whole moving experience a lot easier. So, the most important thing to do is a lot of research, even though research is never fun,  Yelp and Google will overwhelm you with the sheer volume of choices. Compare truck and shipping costs or container services that can provide self-storage transport for families who would like to ensure proper handling or for those who want to save on expenses. The best Chicago movers, offer moving services that cater to your specific needs.

3) Make a packing plan

Packing little by little is far less stressful than trying to do it all in a few days. Starting a couple months out is the right way to do it. For starters, pack the non-essentials into boxes and make sure you keep your valuables and essentials close to you. The thing you don’t need or use anymore, consider donating them to a charity like the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity. That would be a great way to get rid of stuff and also help other people in need. If it’s the furniture you no longer need, the best way might be selling it to Craigslist, local consignment store or even a yard sale.

4) Transfer your utilities

It is important to notify your utility providers such as cable, internet, water, gas, electricity, etc. before your move. Don’t forget to inform the postal service ahead of time with your new address,  so your bills, credit card statements, and packages can arrive on time.

5). Update your licenses

If you’re looking to drive, be aware of the requirements and make sure to update your driver’s license with a government entity that handles driver’s licenses in the state of Chicago. But keep in mind that, owning a car in Chicago will not make your life easier. Be prepared for expensive parking and No Parking signs, you may also need a parking permit depending on your neighborhood, tow zones, and impossible parallel parking in the streets.

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