4 Ways to Make Your Motorcycle Road Trip Better

by Julia on July 29, 2019

No other feeling in the world is quite like hitting the open road on your motorcycle. So when you have a few days off from the daily grind and are planning a big trip, making your vacation a motorcycle road trip is a fantastic choice. With a riding buddy or two, you can tour the country on a vehicle that guarantees you’ll always have the best seat in the house.

But do you know what can make a motorcycle road trip even better? Read on and make your next motorcycle road trip the most memorable and enjoyable one yet.

Document the experience

There’s something beautiful about motorcycles and the act of riding, and there are even more beautiful things to be seen as you cruise down scenic highways or through national parks. These memories will last a lifetime, but they’re also images that you can share — provided, of course, that you take the time to document them.

It has never been easier to snap and share photos. Today, most of us are carrying cameras and computers in our pockets. Our smartphones make it a breeze to document a memorable trip.

Plus, you can share your photos securely from anywhere using the cloud, explain experts in online picture storage. Cloud storage means that you can trust that your photos won’t be lost if your phone falls out of your pocket or tumbles off one of those scenic overlooks.

Expand your group

Riding together creates a bond, and you’re most likely planning to take your next motorcycle trip with people who mean a lot to you. But does your group have room for any new members? A fun trip is a great opportunity to open things up to friends who you might not have considered as potential riding buddies. New friendships are always a good thing, and expanding your network of friendly riders will be a big help the next time you need mechanical advice, a riding route recommendation, or anything else related to your bike.

Stock up on great gear

Safety first! When was the last time you replaced your motorcycle helmet? And hey, couldn’t your jacket stand an upgrade? If you’re heading on a big motorcycle trip, it’s the perfect excuse to load up on great motorcycle riding gear like Icon helmets and AlpineStars motorcycle jackets.

Don’t forget to get gear that’s appropriate for the weather, by the way — if your trip is taking you somewhere with different weather from you’re used to, make sure that you buy new stuff to prepare.

If you upgrade your gear, you’ll be safer. With newer stuff, you’ll feel great on the road and will look great in those vacation photos. Besides, who doesn’t love an excuse to go buy more motorcycle gear?

Revisit an old route

Motorcycle riding is about adventure and exploration. But it’s also about relaxation, memories, and that classic feeling of rubber on the road. Don’t always feel like you need to map out some cool new route for your motorcycle road trip — in fact, you may have an even better time on a route that you’ve done before.

This doesn’t mean going to the same place every year, of course (though some riders enjoy that). But it does mean that you might love to revisit a route that you did years ago. Maybe you’ll make some tweaks — or maybe you’ll do the whole thing backwards to take in some different vistas this time around. Going back to a place you’ve already conquered on your bike can be a special experience.

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