Top 5 Destinations For That Western Australian Honeymoon

by Julia on July 8, 2019

The wedding is over, and it’s time to banish those spreadsheets and table plan drafts to the scrap heap and head off on a well-earned honeymoon. When you’ve been immersed in the throes of wedding planning, taking on the mission of pleasing hundreds of people at the same time and trying to micro-manage a budget that was never going to stretch to the doves and ice sculptures you desperately needed, it’s time to kick back, chill out and see what Western Australian has to offer. Your honeymoon is a chance to forget about the petty, pre-wedding squabbles about table linen and unwanted guests. Reminisce about those magical moments, gaze longingly at masterpieces you’ve been sent by your wedding photographer and start planning the rest of your lives together. If you’re heading to Western Australia, here are 5 of the top destinations to explore.

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Rottnest Island

Affectionately known as Rotty (don’t let that less than picturesque nickname put you off!), Rottnest Island is a stunning base for sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, hiking and, of course, taking selfies with the much-loved quokka, a friendly native that also happens to be super photogenic. You can take a day trip from Perth or choose to extend your stay.


Perth is a vibrant city, which is perfect for those who want to find a balance between action and adventure and rest and relaxation. The city itself has an abundance of shops, restaurants, bars, and museums, but it’s also blessed with open green spaces, and golden beaches. If you fancy going from beach to bar or you want to shop one day and soak up the rays the next, this could be an ideal spot for you. Highlights in the city centre include King’s Park and Elizabeth Quay.

Nambung National Park

Perth is a really popular option for honeymooners because it’s ideally located for exploring further afield and embarking upon a road trip. If you fancy hitting the tarmac, you can star in your own version of Thelma and Louise (with a happier ending, of course) and head north from the city, making for the wild wonderland that is Nambung National Park. This park is home to the famous Pinnacles, a collection of stone stacks that rise from a blanket of yellow sand to pierce the bright blue sky. There are thousands of limestone pinnacles, each one a different shape and height.

Margaret River

Located just a short drive from Perth, Margaret River is the ultimate destination to unwind and relax after the exhaustion of planning and executing the wedding of the year. A beautiful town that is sandwiched by vivid blue waters and rolling meadows, you can do everything from sample wine and enjoy al fresco lunches with a view to swimming, whale watching and visiting ancient caves here.

Swan Valley

A verdant gem set to the east of Perth, Swan Valley is one of Australia’s prime wine-producing regions. This is the place to be if you’re a wine lover, or you’ve always wanted to be able to dazzle people with your knowledge at a dinner party. There’s a vast range of wineries to choose from, and you can take classes and enjoy a few boozy tasting sessions to boot.

There’s nothing quite like a honeymoon to recover after a wedding and start looking forward to a life that doesn’t revolve around planners, diaries or spreadsheets, and Western Australia is a fantastic choice.

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