Beginner’s Guide to Travel Cycling

by Julia on July 5, 2019

People love to travel the world, and it’s indeed a blissful experience all around. You get to experience different cultures, meet new people, and explore new areas. Aside from those, you get to know stories in that country and learn new traditions you can probably implement in your daily life. Though it can be shocking or weird, it’s still a refreshing experience to see sights and practices that are not familiar to you.

Health nuts around the globe have tried this practice of mixing leisure with health, thus bringing their bicycles while traveling to different countries. It took the internet by storm, posting Instagram stories of Malaysia trails to Tour de France’s trail, travel cycling became a healthy trend that boasts where cyclists have been and how fit they are. If you want to be one of those trendy health nuts posing beside the Grand Canyon, you have to prepare yourself beforehand.

While it does need physical preparation, you also need to prepare your mental state to tackle the unique terrains of different countries. It will test your will and patience on the trail, and it will forever change you for the better!

Here are some things to prepare for before the travel cycling adventure:

Learn the Basics of the Language

Communication is important when you’re in a foreign place. Though it may be difficult to learn a new language, there are useful apps and booklets that will help you. It pays to learn basic terms to help locals understand you, especially if you’re in trouble. If you have poor memory, you can always use images to let them know what you need—there’s no shame in that!

Be Prepared for Emergency Repairs

Bring an emergency tool box for all the parts of your bike that usually breaks. Bring a small tire inflator or replacement that you can easily pack in your backpack in case of a flat tire. You can also bring a small tool kit in case some screws come loose and you need to tighten it on the road.

Tune Up the Bike Before Traveling

Check your bike’s condition and tune it up before the trip. Make sure all parts are secure, the chains are well-oiled, and the tires are properly inflated. If you want to know if your cycling skills have improved during your travel cycling adventure, install a proper power meter. This will help measure your power output. For convenience, select one that has a small sensor and a Bluetooth option so checking your status won’t be a hassle.

Bring a Map

Don’t rely on online services since you will be out in the wilderness for a while. Expect that there won’t be a signal in the dense woodlands or in the middle of nowhere. Opt for offline maps on your mobile, and then use a phone mount on the handles of the bike to so you can easily check your location. Pack a trusty power bank as well, so you’ll never have to worry about your phone dying.

Pack a Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is very important when cycling. Refill the water bottle whenever you’re in the village, especially if clean water is scarce where you’re cycling. If you’re planning to be completely far from civilization, bring a straw with its own filter system or water purification tablets to ensure the water you drink is safe to drink.

Bring Camping Gear

Always bring with you some camping gear since it’s not a guarantee you will be able to find a place to stay when night comes. You should invest in a sturdy tent and sleeping bag. Since you can’t always rely on snacks and dried food, pack a portable stove for cooking and warmth too.

Secure Your Documents

Make sure that important documents are stored in a waterproof envelope. This ensures that they’ll stay high and dry in case it will rain. Safely tuck money and valuables in a belt bag or fanny pack to avoid losing it.

Be Properly Vaccinated

 Most of the time, you will be out there in the rural areas and other unknown places. Complete your vaccinations to make sure you won’t get sick during the travel. Ask your doctor what you will need to make sure you have that extra layer of health protection while out there in the wilderness. It’s fun to explore the world, but you have to be prepared! In case of emergencies, you can also pack some handy KT tapes to avoid muscle pain in the middle of nowhere.

Go with Friends

Cycling with friends will make the adventure all the more fun. They’ll also help hype you up if ever you feel like giving up! With a group of friends, it’s easier to feel energized in long rides.

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