Forget NYC, Brooklyn is the Place To Be

by Julia on June 26, 2019

For any traveler across the globe, their number one dream is to visit the vast city on earth. It’s no secret New York City (NYC) has spectacular places that can make your heart want to melt, however, forget NYC, Brooklyn is the place to be and experience uninterrupted beauty.

The City is a borough of NYC, which is a distance away covering 9 miles drive. The entry to Brooklyn gives you another smell of lively city booming with beautiful scenery. The Brooklyn Bridge (connects NYC to Brooklyn & Manhattan), which is a historic monument, will make your mouth stay open for the rest of the journey for its stretch and unique view you see while on top.

Brooklyn is home to lavish hotels, but before you sample the taste of them, check the luxurious and boutique Condor hotel which is an Oasis of the city. When in Brooklyn, traveling for holiday or business trip, these areas are a must visit.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This place is whereupon entry problems of life vanish as the garden feeds your mind with peace & quietness propelled by thousands species of trees. The garden lies next to Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park. You can go for a walk, go for a picnic, enjoy the scenes around, rest after a long day, ride a bike, and numerous activities. Do not starve when hunger pangs hit you, there are café to grab some bites plus canteen where you can inject some energy after your tour around the park saps energy from you.

Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery is a converging point of thousands of people from Brooklyn and the surrounding cities to rest. The cemetery was founded in 1838 when the urbanization was in high momentum. Today, the venue is a tourist attraction site with admirable scenes, like at the entrance you meet creatively designed sculptures that invite you on the inside to explore the expansive cemetery spreading to almost 500 acres.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

If you want to have your children experience a memorable moment of their life, take them to BCM. It is the first Museum dedicated to children in the US. The Museum was started in 1899, and today you will find various collections from musical instruments, fossils, and much more exceeding 30, 000 objects. Since children are from time to time biting this and drinking that, around you will find shops plus bakery strategically situated where you can load your little ones with edible goodies.

The Box House Hotel

Your visit cannot be complete without the city’s coolest hotel to rest and savor the best of Brooklyn. From the entrance, you will find a mix of old and new blending together, which gives you an impression about the old Brooklyn. Therefore, for a visitor, you have much to derive from this place, from apartments that are uniquely decorated, stylish suites with antique touches, coolest amenity, and contemporary art depicting Brooklyn art.

The food is delicious here if you are those visitors who spend one or two night, be careful not to extend a few days after falling in love with the American cuisine. The hotel lies on the northern part of Greenpoint, which has become a joint most tourist visiting Brooklyn can rarely avoid visiting.


Brooklyn is a unique city, and many tourists are now passing NYC to see the hidden gem of this place. The lovely scenes of the city and monuments that spread around Brooklyn are places you must visit and more info can be derived here The locals are friendly, and the more you stay the more quickly you adapt to the environment.

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