How to Visit Orlando on a Budget

by Julia on June 21, 2019

Visiting Orlando and its array of theme parks is high on the list of every kid’s perfect dream. However, for many families, a visit to Orlando can be extremely expensive and unaffordable, with the cost of flights, accommodation, and theme park tickets to take into account. If you are looking to make you and your children’s dreams come true but are concerned about how to afford it, read on to find out how to visit Orlando on a budget.

  • Buy Tickets in Advance

From Disney to SeaWorld, it is unavoidable that your kids will want to visit the theme parks during your stay. Theme park tickets are known for being pricey, especially for those with large families, and can take a significant amount out of your budget. Then, buying tickets in advance is the best way to save as this allows you to take advantage of discounts and package deals throughout the year, with the price of your tickets being much lower the longer you stay for. Rather than buying your tickets from the theme park’s website, you should also consider buying from third-party sellers such as Attraction Tickets Direct, who allow you to get your Florida theme park tickets in advance with some of the best deals on the internet.

  • Stay Outside of Resorts

Although your kids might be attracted to the gimmicks and proximity of the Disney and Universal resorts, staying outside of the resorts is much cheaper, and you will still be able to get a luxury experience. There are many exciting and central resorts located in nearby Kissimmee that can cater for your families’ needs and that are only a short drive from the resorts. However, when thinking about staying outside of the resorts, you should consider aspects such as whether you will need to hire a car rather than use shuttle buses, extra add-ons that staying in resorts give you and the cost of self-catering foods.

  • Buy Merchandise Before You Go

If you want to survive Disney with kids, shops and market stalls make up much of Disney and Universal’s parks, and these can be tempting for starry-eyed children. Rather than have to spend out on overpriced merchandise, you should consider buying gifts and themed products before you visit, and giving these to your kids when you are in Florida rather than buying when you are there. If you have to buy merchandise in Florida, consider buying this from the many shops selling themed merchandise outside of the resorts.

  • Stay Outside of Peak Times

During peak times, accommodation and flights can be extortionately more expensive than traveling in off-peak times. If you are traveling without kids, make sure that you are aware of when the holidays are and check off-peak prices far in advance to ensure that you get the best deal available.

  • Take Your Own Food

It is not only the tickets that are expensive, however, but the food when you get there too. To prevent spending all of your hard-earned money on some mediocre food, consider taking your own food into the theme parks instead, which is especially easy if you are in self-catered accommodation.

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