A Brief Guide to the Best Hostels Groups can Stay In when Visiting Vienna, Austria

by Julia on June 20, 2019

Vienna, as the capital of Austria, is an absolute prime holiday location. Past homes to legendary names such as Mozart, it lies on the banks of the Danube River and has proven year after year to be as popular choice for travellers as ever. That’s why it’s been harder than ever for people to find a hostel which is up to their standard- there just aren’t enough hostels to go around for the number of people who want to travel to this beautiful city, especially those who want to travel in groups.

So what do you need to do to make sure you sort yourself out with a decent hostel? And how do you make sure your full group is able to go? Don’t worry, we’ll answer all your questions in our brief guide to the best hostels groups can stay in when visiting Vienna. You can also check out another guide to hostels in Vienna by following the link.

Booking a hostel as a group is always a tricky process, as a lot of places will often be full or simply not have enough room to handle all of you and your friends at once. That’s why you need to make sure you beat the cues when you are looking to book a hostel in this prime location. Ensuring that you get in ahead of other travellers is vital if you want to find a great hostel in Prague. Give yourself plenty of time to look for hostels online, as leaving it too late could mean you end up in low-quality accommodation or not be able to find a place for your group at all.

You should also read up on a lot of online reviews for hostels which are suitable for groups. This is very important for popular locations like Vienna, as there have been a lot of other groups who have travelled here and you’ll be able to check which hostels are best suited for your friends. There isn’t really a suitable substitute for doing this, just as you can’t really have any excuses for not doing it. There are plenty of review sites all over the internet, such as Tripadvisor and TheBrokeBagPacker, and it doesn’t take long to search them up online. Read a lot of different reviews, and make sure you read more than one review for each hostel you look at. Remember, just because one person gives a bad review doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad place to stay – it just might not have tickled their fancy.

An example of a great hostel for groups to stay at is the Westend City Hostel. It’s known as one of the greatest party hostels in the city, and according to TheBrokeBagPacker is within walking distance of the best bars and clubs that the city has to offer. It’s pretty close to the city centre and all the great shopping areas as well. Check out their website for more great reviews on group hostels in Vienna.

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