Here’s How to Write and Make Money traveling

by Julia on June 12, 2019

For many around us, traveling is an addiction. Wanderlust is not something that can be quenched easily. However, most of us refrain from taking the plunge solely because of the limitations of the earning money and getting work.

While scrolling through social media, we came across numerous posts only to wonder how these people can afford to travel so much. Whether they call themselves digital nomads or influencers, they sure seem to have got the hang of it. It is not surprising that 99% of the population across the world prefers to work remotely. They not only offer flexible schedules but is also an excellent choice to escape the rut and monotonous nine to five lifestyle.

As enticing as it sounds to work in a coffee shop or on a beach, one has to work their way towards achieving this freedom. Among the many such opportunities in remote working, writing jobs definitely seems to be among the top choices.

So here let us consider what to explore in the field of writing to make money while traveling.

1. Travel Writing

When it comes to writing while traveling, this niche is undoubtedly the elephant in the room. It blends the experiences of wandering around to useful information for many to access. The potential is also tremendous; from being an independent travel writer to getting paid to publish your own articles.

Travel writing also comes in a variety of forms. It could be anything from guidebooks, blogs, features, magazine articles or even an entire book. But to succeed in the field, patience is an essential virtue. The competition is extremely fierce but once you get established, you could even be sponsored to make trips.

2. Academic Writing

Another prominent niche of remote writing is to work for academic platforms. There are many educational websites that provide services for schools and college. Beginning from the school level, you can help students with homework and elaborate articles. At the college level, such jobs could vary from outlining admission essays for college aspirants, to crafting their final thesis.

Websites like EssayPro is one of the established platforms that provide essay writing service. It is quite easy to sign up on their website as a writer to assist students in an academic paper. The platform offers writers plenty of jobs for essays, content creation, article,  dissertations, and research papers. Similar to EssayPro, such platforms could be easily found on the internet. A freelancer can sign up on more than one website and work on any schedule they like, irrespective of which part of the world they are.

The scope for such jobs is getting better and bigger; with good research skills and basic knowledge of citations, the academic writing niche provides a solid opportunity for travelers.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting has taken a major leap with the rise of the internet. Today, content creation is a majorly used tool for digital marketing. For freelancers, this has resulted in quite a surge in demand for their work.

The idea is to help promote business and brands using the power of words. The numerous variations range from reviews to product promotions, advertising, website contents, press releases, and others, There is no shortage of work in this field and all one needs is a flair of creativity and basic awareness of how the digital marketing world works.

4. Blogging

You don’t have to necessarily work for others to make money by freelancing. Blogging has been a prominent career field since a few years and is still on the growth. This one could include one or even all of the other categories mentioned above.

With blogging, one can focus on offering their services as a guest blogger across a number of websites or run an individual platform themselves. Once you have established the blog and the community of readers, it could be a dependable income source.

5. Social Media Content

With many businesses launching their own social media pages, the need for writers with a focus on social media-specific content is also high. It might sound like there is not much of writing to do here, but businesses still resort to marketers with writing backgrounds who can get the attention of the audience.

If you have sufficient knowledge of the basic media tools and marketing skills, this could open up a myriad of options for contributors.

To pull-off a writing job, all you need is a stable internet connection and a device. Today, while the entire world is embracing the nomadic lifestyle, the chances for freelance writers will always be on the surge. So pack your bags and keep your eye open, the rights jobs are just a few clicks away.

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Jenine spends most of her time with books reading and creating different worlds in her mind. As a travel enthusiast herself, she has worked as a writer for Essaypro, and the social media as well. Keep an eye out for her insightful and inspirational articles.





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