Iceland Brings Viking History to Life

by Julia on June 3, 2019

Iceland has a storied history. With Vikings having become a large part of popular culture, people want to learn more about that history. The country itself is considered one of the most beautiful and wild in the world. The landscape, wildlife, and northern lights are all sights to behold according to everyone who has been there. Planning a trip there could help a person see what everyone is talking about.

A person needs to plan their trip to Iceland if they go outside the cities. Safety should be the first consideration in any plan. Iceland is a civilized nation, but there are risks. Keep that in mind when wanting to take a walk on the wild side of life. A person can see the beauty with worrying about accidents happening.


One of the parts of a trip that should be planned out first is any transportation needs. You want to make sure you find the right vehicle for your travel needs. Consider Lotus Car Rental for you transportation needs. You can find out more information at Before someone even starts to consider the vehicle, however, they need to know where they are going. Terrain, available roads, and other considerations have to be taken into the equation. Renting a vehicle can be done after that planning. People need to make sure they have all their paperwork necessary when they show up, as well.

The landscape

A person will have fun just planning the types of landscapes they want to see in Iceland. The nation has a wild nature that people want to see. People who love waterfalls will see so many. They may have to limit their sights depending on what their schedule is. The same goes for hot springs. Some of the hot springs have been turned into spas which are loved by many people. Other hot springs are not developed and can be enjoyed by people who like the wild. The fjords are yet another way to enjoy the wild parts of Iceland. WestFjords is one of the areas that people like to walk around and is quite an adventure.

One thing you must see when taking a trip to Iceland is the Northern Lights. There are many places where the Northern Lights can be seen and photographed. Try to make seeing the lights a priority. Also, check out the amazing photos you can take and what cool landscapes are around. While these places are beautiful, they can also be a little tricky if not using your camera correctly.

The wildlife

Iceland has several types of animals that people can see. One of the animals people will enjoy are the arctic foxes. There are white and blue foxes that you will find. They are all over the island for people to see. Whales, which people plan entire trips just for the chance to see, are in abundance around Iceland. People need to plan for what type of water craft they will be on to see these huge sea creatures. Seals are another reason to go to the coast. These are considered beauties and are loved by many people. The last creature that is rare in all places but Iceland are puffins. These birds are fairly common for the island.


Always plan for safety when visiting anywhere in the countryside of Iceland. The Westfjord is isolated, with most of it not being populated. If someone gets hurt, they may not be found for a while. Going to see whales, remember because of their size, they can cause mayhem by accident. Seeing seals, they do have predators to watch out for. Plan safety at every point of the trip, so that stories can be told of the adventure.

Iceland is known for the beauty that can be seen. There are risks, but people looking for adventure will find it on this old island. See where the Vikings went when they wanted to be on the frontier. This island was a step on their way to North America. People will get a chance to see how it has evolved, but kept the wildness.

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