Travel Tips: Visiting Amazing Places In The Philippines

by Julia on May 14, 2019

Have you ever thought of visiting the Philippines? The Philippines has many more wonderful tourist attractions than you know. In fact, it is one of the hottest vacation destinations at the moment and this article outlines some of the attractions that await you. So, here is why you should consider flying to the Philippines for your next vacation.

The Island of Bohol

Have you ever heard or seen the animal called ā€œTarsierā€ before? You will have the opportunity to get close to the small nocturnal animal. Its large eyes make the animal very unique. The beautiful creature lives on only insects and small vertebrates. It does not feed on plants. Is that all about the Island of Bohol? No! It offers much more. It might also interest you that the island is a UNESCO-protected site.

It also offers a rare collection of about 1,200 geological formations that turn brown in the dry season. These formations are collectively known as the Chocolate Hills in Carmen because they turn brown (color of chocolate) in the dry season as mentioned above. The island showcases the Philippinesā€™ natural beauty and it is worth visiting.

Numerous world class hotels

Just like many countries, the Philippines has its share of 5-star hotels offering state-of-the-art facilities, especially in Cebu. However, it is not advisable to just choose any hotel at random. There are certain factors to consider. Here are useful tips on where to stay in cebu city by Take the time to go through the tips and apply them whenever you visit Cebu or any other city in the Philippines. Getting where to stay will not be a problem at all.

Samal Island

For a lot of people, their vacation is far from complete without some kayaking, diving, or hiking. This island is for such vacationers. Samal Island is also known as the Garden City of Samal and it has room for many tourist activities like the ones mentioned above. After engaging in any of the activities, you can relax for a few hours at the beach. Samal Island is famous for the Monfort Bat Sanctuary, the home of several millions of bats. You probably have not seen bats in such a large number, right? Give the island a visit whenever you hit the Philippines. This island is quite close to Davao City, another attraction.

Puerto Princesa

If you are not on a business trip, you should not leave the Philippines without visiting Puerto Princesa. This is where to find numerous natural gems in the country. It is also another UNESCO site. What usually attracts visitors most is the combination of its limestone caves and its underground river. For a token, you can take a boat tour of the whole national park.

Another point of attraction in Puerto Princesa is Honda Bay, where you can enjoy some snorkeling. In addition, you can also try some ziplines in Ugong Rock. You will definitely enjoy your stay in this city.

In conclusion, these are just a few out of the numerous hot destinations in the Philippines. There are very many of them. You will definitely have a wonderful time in whatever city you visit in the country. Why not make it your next vacation destination?

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