Private Tours In Barcelona: Explore The City Up-close

by Julia on May 7, 2019

Barcelona is one of the favorite destinations for tourists visiting Spain. The city is not only filled with friendly locals but is also very welcoming to its visitors. Once you visit the place, it is guaranteed that you will want to come back for more. Bustling with vibrant life and culture, Barcelona is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Going on private guided tours are actually good if you wish to know the city from the depths. Exploring the city under the guidance of someone who already knows the city in and out, will help you to understand the culture and life of the people there. Other than just visiting the main sights of attraction, you can also witness an authentic side of the city.

Best Private Tours In Barcelona

To find a private tour in Barcelona, you need to have knowledge about it. For most visitors having knowledge of all the private tours in the city, seems to be impossible. Instead of hunting down the internet you can go through our selection of the best private tours in Barcelona.

1.    Gothic Quarter Tour

This is one of the most popular tours in Barcelona which covers a number of important places in the city. Important places in the Gothic Quarter such as Pablo Picasso Mural, Barcelona Cathedral, Las Ramblas, Roman Ruins and the Jewish Quarter are all included in this two and a half hour tour. Once the tour gets completed you can pay any amount according to your wish. You can also avail the tour in different languages including Italian, English, and Spanish. It is advised that you book the tour in advance.

2.    Barcelona Tour

This half day tour is going to take you at some of the most spectacular places in the city including Park Guell, La Sagrada, Port Olympic, the Columbus Monument and many more. This semi-private tour consists maximum of 12 people and is totally worth your time. By going on this tour you can learn the history of the city better. You can ask as many questions you want to the guide. Along with that, you can also get suggestions about places that you can visit during your stay.

3.    Picasso Tour

There is hardly any person who doesn’t know about Picasso. We all have seen the magnificent works of art by the artist on the net or in real. But how many of you have actually visited the places where the artist spends his time. To know more about his personal life, you can book the Picasso Tour which covers the restaurant Els Quatre Gats. This is the place where Picasso spend some of his leisure time. Other than that, you will also get to see the school which Picasso attended. A Picasso tour is obviously incomplete without seeing some of his artwork. In that case, the tour will take you to the Architect’s Association Building where you can witness some of his masterpieces.

4.    Food Markets Tour

There are a number of food markets in Barcelona which is worth visiting. You can fulfill your wish of visiting some of the food markets in the city by booking the Food Markets Tour. The tour includes both famous and lesser-known markets. On this tour, you get the chance to meet cheesemakers, butchers, bakers, cod sellers, and chocolatiers. You can even taste their products and have a great time there.

5.    Tapas Tour

You should definitely try a Tapas tour in Barcelona. On this tour you don’t get to learn about the history of the city, instead, you explore a variety of mouth-watering dishes.

The tour lasts for nearly about two to three hours on average. Withlocals’ tours are always private. Also, there is no restriction on the number of people experiencing the tour, as long as they are from the same group, because the tour is always personalized. This is one of the most enjoyable tours you can try in Barcelona. However, to enjoy the tour, you need to book it in advance. You can visit a number of famous restaurants around the Poble Sec at Montjuic. If you are a true foodie, you are sure to have the best eating moments of your life on the tour.

Booking all these tours can help you to explore Barcelona at its best. If you want you can even learn more details about these tours on the net and book the ones you want.

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