Camping Must Haves

by Julia on April 29, 2019

Nice weather is finally here and many of us are looking forward to spending time in nature. Of course, what better way to reconnect with nature and recharge our batteries than by going camping? It’s a great way to relax and have some fun with your friends and family. If it is your first time going camping and you’re not sure what to bring – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve prepared a list of six camping must haves that will make your outdoor adventures a bit easier – read on to learn what they are.

A large backpack to keep your necessities

One does not simply embark on a camping trip sans an oversized backpack. There you can fit all your necessities like extra clothes, snacks and a first aid kit. Look for a backpack that has multiple pockets and is made from waterproof materials such as nylon, to make sure your possessions don’t get wet in case it starts raining. If you plan on going hiking, consider its weight though, since you’ll have to carry the backpack all day long. Your backpack should be equipped with a suspension system and it should hug your body when you put it on, providing you with maximum comfort.

Sleeping bags to make your camping comfortable

One thing campers just can’t do without is a sleeping bag. A good sleeping bag has several qualities: it is soft and comfortable so you can sleep soundly, it’s well-insulated to keep you warm during the night and, of course, it is water-resistant. Want to find a sleeping bag that offers all those qualities at a reasonable price?  Then look no further! Opt for Sea to Summit Sleeping Bags because they can provide you with all that. They offer a wide range of sleeping bags that are durable, comfy and modern in design, and you’re sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

A cooler bag to keep your drinks nice and chilly

A cooler bag is a must have for campers who like their beer fresh. What makes cooler bags so cool (excuse the pun) is the fact that they can keep your drinks chilled for up to three days. More spacious models can hold up to thirty cans plus ice, which makes them perfect for when you decide to take the party outside. Most cooler bags are made from materials that are waterproof and leakproof, while some models come with additional features such as beer bottle opener – perfect if you forgot one. How thoughtful is that?

A portable coffee maker to keep your energy levels up

As much as you might enjoy spending some time in the wilderness and reconnecting with nature, no one said you need to skip your favorite part of the morning ritual which is, of course, drinking coffee. Most of us can’t really function properly without their daily dose of wakey juice, and just because you’re in the woods, it doesn’t mean you can’t have it. There are portable coffee makers that let you enjoy your favorite liquid while spending time in nature. The best part is – they don’t even need electricity to work, which makes them the perfect candidate for a spot on your list of camping necessities.

A portable camping stove to prepare your meals with

So you brought your kitchen utensils and your food is ready to be cooked – the only thing that’s missing is a stove. A camping stove is a practical solution for preparing food outdoors – it’s lightweight but sturdy and it’s very easy to set up, so you can start cooking in the blink of an eye. Wood-burning stoves are the best option since they don’t require electricity. A portable camping stove is a must have tool for every campsite chef that allows them to put food on the table in a matter of minutes, without the hassle of dealing with a complicated setup.

A water bottle to keep you hydrated

Other than the food, you’ll need to bring plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated during your camping trip. Whether you’re hiking or just hanging out and enjoying the great outdoors, you’ll need to find a quality water bottle you’ll always have at hand when you get thirsty. Avoid cheap, plastic bottles and opt for a stainless steel bottle instead. It will keep your water cool and your hot drinks warm, so it’s definitely a must-have when you go camping.

Camping is a great way to broaden your horizons and have some fun in the process. The best thing is, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you try new things. Now that you know what you need for your first camping trip, get your bag, pack your essentials, and go seize the day!

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