Top Things to Know Before You Visit Sydney

by Julia on April 9, 2019

Sydney is one of the most modern, exciting cities in the world. It consistently ranks high in the most livable cities, and there’s so much to see and do here. If you’re planning a trip to Sydney, Australia, there’s a lot you need to know before you jump on your flight.

From the Sydney Opera House to the iconic Harbour Bridge, this is a truly global city. How do you maximize your time to take in the best sights the Harbour City has to offer? Make sure you pay attention to these top things before you visit Sydney, Australia.


1. You’ll Want to Stay Local

You’ll quickly discover that Sydney is a massive place. This sprawling metropolis is home to lots of neighborhoods, and no two places are alike. If you want to make the most of your trip, you’ll need to find the best accomodation in Sydney that makes the most of your location.

Where you choose to stay will likely depend on your specific interests as a traveler. If you want something more local, you might choose a local suburb. Thanks to public transport, it’s fairly easy to get around quickly. If you’re hoping to be closer to the action, you’ll want to be in the heart of the business district.

2. The Sun Is Strong

One of the most surprising things about Australia is just how hot the sun is even in the big cities. You don’t have to travel to the Outback to get burnt, so take precautions. It’s easy to spot the tourist when they’re walking around with flaky, red skin.

Instead, take action to protect yourself from the sun. Otherwise, you will get burnt. Even on an overcast day, you can still get a sunburn. Dress in layers and always wear sunscreen. Most importantly, don’t forget to reapply.

3. Explore Beyond Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is easily the most well-known and famous in Sydney, but it’s actually really small. Home to some of the hippest restaurants and coffee shops in the city as well as the world famous lifeguards, it’s almost impossible to find a spot on this beach. This is even more true if you visit on the weekends.

Luckily, there are over 100 stretches of perfect sand near Sydney, so get out of the touristy areas and visit some of the more local beach spots. You definitely won’t be disappointed with the best beaches near Sydney.

4. Be Careful with Alcohol

If you’re from a part of the world where laws around alcohol are relaxed, realize that this isn’t the case in Sydney. Often called the “nanny state,” there are a lot of tricky laws about drinking and nightlife in Sydney that might surprise you, especially compared to Europe and parts of North America.

The biggest law to be mindful of is that you can’t drink on the beach. Public beaches, parks, and other public property are usually deemed alcohol-free zones, and those who violate these rules will be hit with a hefty fine. In addition, most bars close by 3 am which is often considered early.

5. Escape the City

Finally, make sure you get out of the concrete jungle for a while to explore some of the best views in Australia. The area around Sydney is stunning, and it’s just as exciting as the city itself in many ways. You can climb the highest cliff, visit a secluded beach, or even just hike. This is all within a short drive or train ride.


Because there’s so much to see and explore around Sydney, it’s usually chosen as the first stop on lengthy road trips around the Australian coast. Even if you’re a city slicker, get out there and discover what makes Australia so beautiful.

Explore Australia Through Sydney

Sydney is the gate to the rest of Australia. Though this modern city might look a lot like home, don’t forget that it’s a bustling metropolis with a long list of things to do and see. However, don’t be afraid to ditch that touristy list of must-dos and get out of the city for something truly spectacular.

Finally, make sure you have a safe, stress-free trip to the Harbour City. You’re sure to fall in love with this one-of-a-kind place and the rest of Australia.

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