Travel Tips to Protect Your Varicose Veins

by Julia on March 21, 2019

Travel season is now all year long; whether you’re taking a trip to the beach or mountains, or going for a cultural vacation or attending a music festival, it’s important to keep your veins in mind.

Today, we give you some vein-friendly tips and tricks to try on your next adventure.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

When you’re on a trip, there’s usually the temptation of alcohol, candy, and other foods and drinks that threaten to dehydrate your body. You must always keep water handy, as staying hydrated keeps your veins from narrowing, and may prevent constipation, which also stresses the venous system. In addition to these benefits, water helps improve your mood, moisturize chapped lips, and even fight bad breath.

Tight in All the Right Places

Avoid tight pants! Yes. While tight pants do not directly cause varicose veins, a tight fit in the waist can lead to a tourniquet effect, where the increased pressure on the abdomen obstructs the flow of blood up from the legs to the heart. On the other hand, though, properly fitted compression wear for the legs can actually support circulation and should be worn as often as possible. There are even more interesting facts about things you may have not thought had anything to do with the health of your veins on so check it out. You can find everything you need to know about varicose veins here and understand how to treat them in more detail.

Stay in Motion

An airplane cabin is hardly ever an ideal environment for most people, and sitting in a cramped seat for hours is even harder for those with vein issues. If you suffer from this, then you must be familiar with that dull, achy feeling in the legs and feet. One of the tricks is to stand up and walk down the cabin aisle if possible. However, if that’s not an option, pump your calf muscles while seated. This can be done by simply lifting up your heels like you’re getting on your tippy toes in order to engage your calf muscles. This causes the blood to pump from the legs to the heart, which is essential for vein health. Repeat this little maneuver as many times as possible, especially if the flight doesn’t allow for getting out of your seat.

Put Your Feet Up

Allocate some time every day for quiet reading while on vacation. Find a space to prop your legs so that your feet are above your head, or if you’re on the bed or couch, stack a couple of pillows under your feet so that they are elevated above the level of your heart. Generally speaking, this routine is recommended for everyone concerned about vein problems, as it allows gravity to move the blood up the legs, giving the veins a well deserved break.

Be Mindful of Your Veins

Travel almost always involves sitting for hours, or queuing for long periods of time – situations that can be painful for those suffering from varicose veins, and challenging for those trying to avoid them. So, next time you travel, don’t forget to keep your veins healthy and have tons of fun!

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