What to Plan, and What Not to Plan, Before Your Travels

by Julia on February 27, 2019

When it comes to undertaking a much-anticipated travel, the excitement can be overwhelming. In fact, it can be so overpowering that the rational part of the traveller’s brain forgets to drum up some plans for those few, precious days of adventure. Consequently, a bland, boring time is almost certainly going to be had.

It’s not right to expect your travels to provide all the fun without your input and effort. To really get the most out of your holidays, you need to have some foresight and put your best foot forward.

Consequently, here’s both what to plan, and what not to plan, before your travels.

What to Plan

Often, the enjoyment factor you get out of a holiday comes out of where you go. While some like to free roam and see where they end up, most people always have a specific destination in mind. Any factors can influence where you travel to; for example, there was recently a spike in tourists visiting Scotland and spending more money, so perhaps keep an eye on these trends. You may find that things like the Brexit induced weakened pound might better inform you of when and where to go, so try to do this kind of research at your first phase of planning.

Additionally, booking everything well in advance is a great way to go too. Get all your insurance plans early so that you’re covered for any accidents or injuries. Any tickets that are required for travelling or for entry in popular tourist spots will likely be cheaper too when you get them early. Don’t leave anything until the last minute – you’ll find everything goes a lot smoother, and you’ll also secure the most cost-effective and affordable deals possible.

Finally, you also need to ensure that you get everywhere on time too. You can make certain that you get to the airport on time through airport transfer services, as well as look up the directions of all the places that you’ll need to go to and from. This will greatly reduce the chances of delays and setbacks occurring during your travels, so get ahead of the action!

What Not to Plan

If you’re not careful, the planning can get out of hand. When it goes too far, it can all start to feel like overwhelming admin work, and when you’re adhering to a strict schedule on your travels, the spontaneity and fun of your adventures can quickly be sapped out by a noisy itinerary. Whether you’re travelling or not, nobody should live their entire live bouncing from one planned moment to the next!

Therefore, it’s important not to plan every waking moment of your travels. Sometimes, the best moments of a holiday can occur just by chance! Don’t book tables for every meal you have, and don’t try to plan every event or day out you’ll have. Leave some room for some creative freedoms and liberties – you may just stumble across something or someone that really elevates your travels to a whole other level. In the end, try to leave some wiggle room and free time in your schedule.

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