5 Magical Vacations Having Kids Can Inspire You to Take

by Julia on February 21, 2019

You may have thought that settling down and having kids was going to put a damper on your travel. And maybe it did for the first year or two while you figured out what parenting is all about, but you may have realized rather quickly that kids can increase your reasons to travel and open up the possibilities for more diverse and magical destinations.

There’s no doubt that family vacations can have a profound and lasting impact on your kids, but have you truly considered how family vacations can make your life better? While the planning, packing, and expense can feel like a burden, your kids have created an endless source of amazing trips and experiences to share in.

We’ve looked at reasons to travel with your kids and how these adventures can enrich your life as an adult and parent. If you need an excuse or a vision for your next family vacation, check out these fun and practical tips.

  1. Cheer On Your Kiddo and Enjoy Some Athletic Excitement

You may have played soccer or softball, or even hockey, growing up, and it’s likely the excitement of the game has never left your spirit. Coaching your kid’s sport can help you build a stronger bond, pass on the wonder of teamwork, and give you an opportunity to pack a bag and hit the road with your family.

Sign your son or daughter up for a sport and watch them excel. As your child learns the fundamentals and becomes more engaged with the sport, you can look into travel teams or tournaments. These can make for wonderful expeditions to sports parks and other cities. Be sure to explore the surrounding area, take plenty of photos, and cheer, cheer, cheer as your child runs across the turf.

  1. Go on a Kid-Friendly Cruise

Cruises have the natural quality of being both relaxing and exciting. If you haven’t been on a cruise, you should consider taking the family and setting sail sometime soon. Cruises reduce the stress of all the planning that goes into the traditional family vacation while providing activities that each family member can enjoy.

Cruises are convenient and often more affordable than many other forms of family travel, and you can enjoy the international escape that many cruises have to offer. Check out the Bahamas or Jamaica, and find some adventure that you and the kids will all enjoy.

  1. Say “Hi!” to Mickey and the Gang

While you may not be one of those diehard Disney fans, especially as an adult, bringing your kids to one of the most magical places on earth can bring you an immense amount of joy. If you’re not into the mouse, check our SeaWorld or Animal Kingdon and learn more about the wild and wonderful wildlife they have to offer. Your kids will fill with curiosity for sea life and our planet.

Watching your child’s face light up will make this experience more enjoyable and memorable than you may assume. One of the best things about going to an area with plentiful amusement parks is there are plenty of kid-friendly accommodations and shows to check out nearby. If you go to Orlando, you can even take a day trip to Cocoa Beach and enjoy a bit of fun in the sun.

  1. Pitch a Tent with the Kids and Setup Camp for a Night or Two

 One of the most enchanting trips you can take with your kids is an expedition into the wilderness. You probably know all about why the grass is green, why the sky is blue, and why mosquitos love people, but do your little ones?

Teaching your kids about the woods and nature is a great excuse to plan a camping trip. Kids learn so much from experiencing the natural world. Camping or even a day hike allows them to pluck a blade of grass or learn about why birds sing. This can also be a great way for you to pass on and share your love for adventure. Reignite your desire to sleep under the stars or swing in a hammock.

  1. Take a Cultural Tour of A Nearby City

If your kid is the next Frida Kahlo or Henri Matisse, plan a trip to your local museum and beyond. The arts teach kids about balance, beauty, and creativity. Don’t pass up the chance to enrich your life with dance, music, theatre, or the visual arts.

Even if your child hasn’t discovered their blue period, you can still expose them to the beauty of Picasso’s The Old Guitarist at the Art Institute of Chicago. You can also check out all the other amazing arts activities in the Windy City while you’re there.

Fostering your child’s love of art and culture will encourage a love for travel, and the awareness of life beyond the corners of your city. You can even explore the amazing Incan Empire in South America.  But you should also let your kids see the art and excitement your city has to offer, too. Take them to a local production of The Tempest or even The Hungry Caterpillar. You won’t regret having a child that can appreciate the beauty in our world.

Let your kids inspire your trips. You’ll be surprised by what new adventures you have in-store. Whether you’re packing for Paris or the Catskills, you will be able to experience the world through a child’s eyes and teach them how rewarding exploring the world can be.

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