5 things you MUST see when travelling to Berlin, Germany

by Julia on February 15, 2019

Berlin, Germany’s capital city, boasts of having a rich culture and scenic landscapes. There’s also a robust art scene that thrives in Berlin. However, this city has seen tumultuous days in the past – from World Wars to treacherous regimes. It harbors a wealth of history that begs to be unearthed.

If you’re planning to visit Berlin soon, get ready to tour as many sites as possible. You’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Meanwhile, check out where to stay in Berlin.

Here are 5 things you must see when travelling to Berlin:

  1. The Berlin Cathedral

Completed in 1905, the Berlin Cathedral holds a great historical and architectural significance in Berlin. This grand building is constructed using brick and Silesian sandstone – it was initially built to be a place of worship for the Roman Catholic Church. It sits elegantly on Museum Island and further encompassed by Spree River. Every month, hundreds of visitors throng the Berlin Cathedral to view the amazing interior design and exterior architecture. It’s certainly worth visiting on your trip to Berlin.

  1. Brandenburg Gate

Sometimes called the Brandenburg Tor, this auspicious monument is probably the most photographed within Berlin. It was constructed in 1788 as a dedication to King Frederick Wilhelm II. Every day, visitors head to Pariser Platz to view this striking monument that symbolizes Germany’s indomitable unity. Other than taking pictures of this gate, you can also check out the interesting history that took place here by visiting the tourist information center.

  1. The Reichstag

If you’re interested in learning about the political history of Germany, consider visiting the Parliament Building (Reichstag). The construction of this building took about 10 years (from 1884 to 1894). However, arsons vandalized and destroyed the Reichstag in 1933. During the Second World War, the building was further bombed and deemed unfit for the sitting government. Further reconstruction was required later on – a unique glass dome was incorporated into the renovated building, adding a distinguishing feature. Today, tourists can freely visit the Reichstag. You’ll need to register beforehand if you wish to see the magnificence of this building.

  1. Pergamon Museum

There’s a lot of rich history and interesting culture within Berlin. For instance, the Pergamon Museum contains an impressive array of Roman, Greek, Islamic and East Asian art collection. Some of the artworks you’ll find in this revered museum include the Quran Box, Orpheus Mosaic, ancient earrings and Hittite seal. The museum charges affordable prices, so visitors can stroll through the monumental isles and view the fantastic art-pieces within the museum.

  1. The Zoologischer Garten Berlin

Berlin is endowed with a vast range of fauna. Although this city has several zoos, the Zoologischer Garten Berlin is arguably the most visited. It contains over 17,000 animals that include roadrunners, lions, penguins and polar bears. You can spend at least 2 hours looking at the different animal species located in this zoo. Delightfully, charges are quite affordable. Viewing nature’s splendor will certainly offer a breath of fresh air.

Don’t forget to grab your camera when travelling to Berlin. More importantly, have fun!

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