How to Find the Best Travel Coupons

by Julia on January 22, 2019


The number of people traveling has increased in the last few years. More people are open to visiting new places, having more adventures, eating different food, meeting other travelers, and knowing other cultures. It’s a wonderful time to live in, and you might even be one of those who is often itching for a holiday.

Everyone is hunting for the best flight and hotel deals to save on some money while traveling. Here’s a list of tips on how you can find the best travel coupons to help you spend less and get to more places this year.

1. Sign up for deals to your destination of choice

The moment you decide of a destination, look for sites that can give you deals in that area. Whether it’s a coupon for vacation packages, outdoor activities, shows, exhibits, and so on, don’t forget to check on local businesses because they might have cheaper options. By signing up for emails, you’ll be able to receive alerts on what you might want to do in that country, city, or town.

Here are some considerations when signing up for deals:

Use a secondary email so that your primary email won’t be spammed with notifications.

  • Review websites before putting in your information. Look into the reviews of previous customers, compare if rates are reasonable, and check how they take care of their customers through social media platforms.
  • Do your research and only sign up for activities that you want to do or places that you want to go. This way, you avoid spending for deals that you might not even use.
  • Websites can launch deals and offers on particular dates or holidays, such as a Thanksgiving sale and year-end sale. Signing up for emails can get you coupons or promos.

2. Purchase a discount or membership card

If you’re one of those who travel to improve your mental state and do so frequently, it’s best to invest in discount or membership cards from airlines, hotels, car rentals, and others. Discount cards can give you as much as 30% off flight tickets, especially when booking more than one ticket. Memberships can give you points for every flight booked or other purchases, which you can convert to other rewards in the future. Both discount and membership cardholders also get exclusive offers and coupons every now and then as a way for businesses to show their gratitude to loyal customers.

3. Avoid traveling during the holidays

Most people want to go home, visit relatives, or simply take some time out during the holidays. However, because these are peak seasons, travel expenses can be so much higher due to the high demand. If you have current coupons you want to use for the holidays, you might even find that a few would specify that the promotions aren’t valid on holidays. It’s a similar concept to huge discounts on Christmas decorations after the season or chocolates and flowers after Valentine’s Day. Here are a few tips:

  •  If a holiday is in the middle of the week, prices can be higher the day before the holiday or the weekend before that.
  • When searching for cheap flights using websites or apps, use the “flexible date” option so you can easily see which dates have lower prices.
  • Double-check the validity of a hotel or accommodation coupon when traveling on holidays to ensure that it will be accepted. Some businesses put this clause on their terms because they know they can get customers on peak seasons even without discounts.

4. Check expiration dates and terms and conditions

If you want to find the best travel coupons, consider the expiration date before purchasing. For example, you might buy a voucher for $50 off on flights to use on your trip in the next two months but later find out it’s only valid for the next 30 days. You end up losing money instead of getting a bargain.

Here’s how to make sure you get the best offers:

  •  Plan ahead. Unplanned trips cost higher because of fewer choices or options.
  • Always check a coupon’s fine print before buying it.
  • If you think that you see a terrific travel coupon deal, make computations or comparisons and look at the entire cost of the trip. For example, you might find $100 off a hotel, but flights are 20% more expensive because of a festival.
  • There are times where you can save more on flight-plus-hotel coupons, so check the terms and conditions of these kinds of deals.

Final Thoughts

Besides going to the cheapest places to travel, it’s still fulfilling to be able to save some money by scoring the best travel coupons. If you follow the four hacks we’ve listed above, you’ll be able to spare some dollars that you can use for other trips or you can put in the bank. Whatever your travel habits are, it’s always good to spend less whenever you can.


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