Romantic Travel Ideas You May Want To Try Out

by Julia on January 14, 2019

Do you want to take your significant other on a trip that will never be forgotten? This is where you need romantic travel ideas. You can choose out of numerous destinations you are going to love and do so many things that will make your love stronger. Romance is so much more interesting when you plan and there are countless options you can consider.

Play In Treehouses

There are places around the world where you can stay in a treehouse, like the South Africa Lion Sands Game Reserve. You want to choose a luxurious and remote area where bush bedrooms are elevated on platforms and welcome you to sleep right under stars. A romantic getaway in a large treehouse is something that few people consider but that can be a true delight.

Dine Out In Barcelona

Simply dining out in Barcelona can be a romantic experience. There are numerous quiet and beautiful restaurants that are perfect getaways, especially when you live in Europe and your budget is not very high. During the day you can surprise your loved one with flower delivery to Barcelona at a place both of you will love and during the evening you can choose one of the numerous romantic restaurants the city has to offer.

Zanzibar Romantic Beach Dinners

If you are ever in the area of Zanzibar you want to consider the Beyond Mnemba Island. This is where you can have a totally romantic beach dinner featuring seafood and much more. You will be barefoot while on the sand and the sea breeze is going to blow right through your hair while wave sounds gently pal sunset shore.

Sleep Under Italian Stars

L’Albereta is a wonderful country villa from the ninth century that is located right close to Lake Iseo. The service that is offered is simply flawless and completely irresistible. Italian charm is really high and you are absolutely going to love the Cabriolet Suite. It features retractable roofs that can be opened during the night. This allows you to both see the stars as you enjoy an incredibly romantic experience.

Glamping In Australia

The Cape Range National Park’s Sal Salis is really interesting for those looking for romance because of glamping, snorkeling, the delicious food served and the wilderness experiences that can only be described as being beautiful. You will be staying in tents that are nestled right in the middle of sand dunes. Views are outstanding, king-sized beds are handmade and you can always enjoy a hammock stay whenever you want to.

Botswana’s African Sky

Imagine yourself bathing on your very own private deck, an experience that is available in Botswana for those interested. The Moremi Game Reserve offers highly luxurious suites that feature sky beds, lavish bathtubs and sprawling wooden decks. Soaking under stars is a common activity that you are going to appreciate with the one you love.

The Wisconsin Glass House

This is a truly extraordinary experience nobody actually expects. You can easily impress the partner with a cozy weekend that you spend together in a totally beautiful glass house located in the middle of nature. Southwest Wisconsin is where you want to look since many such glass units are available there thanks to the work of Candlewood Cabins.

Having a romantic getaway is not that difficult if you plan and you focus on what both of you love. Choose your romantic experience carefully.

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