5 Tips to saving money by flying

by Julia on January 14, 2019

 There are several ways that you can save quite a large amount of money during your trip, especially when it comes to flying. Before booking flights for yourself or anyone else it’s important to familiarize yourself with tools, tips and tricks that ensure that you get the best airfare possible.

Here are 5 tips to save big money on airfare.

Book off-season

Most airfare prices go with seasons and booking in advance is a great way to save money. Airfares are high when the supply and demand are high as well as low when the demand is low. If possible, avoid scheduling your flight around March, April, July, August, or December when you expect high airfares. During these months there are many school breaks and holidays and thus most airlines are in high demand.

Instead book shoulder season flights in May, June, October, and November. During this time you will find cheaper flights. Off-season months like January, February, and September also have cheaper flights.

Buy tickets on the right day

The best is to book your flight 54 to 90 days before you travel, depending on the season. Also, flights scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are normally not in much demand helping you to save some airfare.  This is because most business travels are on the other days of the week and during the weekend there is a lot of personal travel, especially on Fridays and Sundays. Scheduling your flight on these days will help to reduce your costs.

Research on the prices

Different airlines offer varying costs. Do your research by shopping around different airlines to see what they have to offer. This will enable you to settle on the average prices for your flight. Check the destination and make a comparison using search engines like Kayak or Google Flights. You can use the calendar view to check the prices present at different times of the year and get the regular and affordable prices for your flights.

Stay updated on deals

Always try to stay informed about deals flight deals and flash sales by checking out sites that update on fares such as Airfarewatchdog or Thrifty Traveler. Normally you would find posts on deals on these sites posted throughout the day on the websites as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages. Because most of these deals are time sensitive you have to be ready to book immediately you find one that works for you.

Also, if you’re flying internationally or with a child, find out if the airline offers a kid discount.

Some airlines offer select deals for children of certain age groups which would help you save some money. You can also make use of promo codes like the Emirates promo code which will enable you to cut down the overall cost of your flight. Sign up for online alerts where you can stay informed about great deals.

Do not overload

When it comes to your luggage, always try and pack as lightly as possible. This prevents you from incurring any extra costs on top of the flight price. Use a bag that can carry all your kids’ clothes or simply share a suitcase with your spouse.

Whichever option you use, whether it is to use or combine the above tips you can save a lot of money. Simply stay informed at all times.

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