Vacation Trips: A Family Tour Unlike Any Other

by Julia on December 31, 2018

One of the best ways to create those precious moments that your family will remember forever is to do fun activities together. Gifts and presents are easily forgotten in a few months or the following year, but special family memories can last a lifetime.

A trip to Thailand can be a fantastic family adventure. When you go to Thailand, you don’t have to limit yourself to all of the popular tourist destinations. Phuket is one of those destinations. If you do go, you just may want to check out Phang Nga Bay for an incredible Phang Nga Bay tour.

Share the mysteries of hidden adventure and cave exploration with your family at Koh Phanak. Bring out that old charm by exploring one of nature’s most exotic mysteries by torchlight. Whether by boat or on foot, your whole family will be delighted with a cave exploration trip.

Phang Nga Bay is filled with beauty, from the breathtaking sunrises to the natural tropical surroundings. You can canoe, kayak, and explore to your heart’s content. A hong is a sea cave, and Phang Nga Bay has many to share.

A great way to explore the beauty of the hongs is through a sea canoeing trip. See geological wonders that you never knew existed in this diverse and beautiful tropical part of the world. It’s always a good idea to have a guide that knows the best spots and the safest spots to explore, while enjoying the natural beauty.

One of the ways to make an experience more enjoyable is to build excitement, leading up to that experience. On this trip, you can have a unique opportunity to build some excitement and intrigue by watching a family movie together. Koh Phing Kan and Koh Tapu is the home of the James Bond Island.

It’s called James Bond Island because that’s where the movie The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed. If you want to get the kids excited about the trip, get some maps and let them help with the planning. Show them how far you’re going to travel and share your itinerary with them.

Then, in the evening, when it’s family time, gather around and watch The Man with the Golden Gun, because you’ll be visiting that film location during your trip to Phang Nga Bay. This island is actually one of the most popular tourist spots in this area. Having seen the movie, it will be entertaining to pick out landmarks like the rocky entrance of the lair.

Not too far from this spot are hidden caves that are only accessible through swimming. Exploring these caves is a perfect way for the kids to work off all the energy from the excitement of the previous tour. By the time you’re ready to go back to your hotel, you’ll want everyone to be able to relax.

If you still have time in the day, there’s never a bad time to go relax on one of the many beautiful beaches. There’s an abundance of clear, clean water and white sand just waiting for you and your family. A trip like this is the perfect opportunity to create unique memories that will last a lifetime.

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