How To Explore India’s Most Beautiful Wild Trip: Kanha to Agra

by Julia on December 24, 2018

From the amazing Taj Mahal in Agra to the beautiful Kanha National Park and everything in between, this trip is an amazing wild adventure. India is a place that is home to some unique and wonderful wildlife and mix that with the amazing history and extraordinary architecture it is somewhere you will want to explore.

There are many different itineraries you can take when exploring India so you may want to book with an expert in this area such as Naturetrek Wildlife Holidays who will plan the holiday for you so you can just go along for the fantastic trip.

For a rough idea of where to explore and what to visit when visiting the wild side of India from Kanha to Agra, here is an example of a route to follow when visiting this magnificent destination.

Kanha National Park

Also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve, this amazing park is home to many animals including Royal Bengal Tiger, sloth bear, leopards and Indian wild dogs. It is one of the largest National Parks in India and there are many different ways you can explore.

Take a jeep safari with a wildlife expert and explore the place trying to spot the different species residing here. You can enter the park by jeep at two different times per day. These being between sunrise until 11am and late afternoon until sunset.

You can also opt to take walking tours, giving you the opportunity to do some bird watching, explore the Lakes, visit Gond tribal homes and the Banjaar River.

Getting to Kanha is easy as there are many transport links and the nearest major city is Jabalpur which is about 4 hours’ drive away. Jabalpur also has the nearest airport and railway station for visitors which means it is a good starting point for you trip.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation in Kanha National Park. Luxurious lodges and camps are popular including Krishna Jungle Resort and Chitvan Lodge. From Kanha it is between 5 and 6 hours drive to Bandhavgarh National Park the nest stop on your itinerary.


From one National Park to another, Bandhavgarh is one of the most popular nature reserves in India. Once a hunting reserve of the Maharaja of Rewa, it is now a famous natural hub for White Tigers and these magnificent creatures draw its visitors today. The park is split into three main zones, Tala, Magdi and Bamera, and it is the Tala zone that attracts the majority of tourists for its tiger sighting opportunities.

Joining a safari tour is one of the best ways to explore this park, and there are over 22 species of mammals and 250 species of birds to spot. Highlights to look out for include Bengal Fox, Sloth Bear and of course the most notable, Leopards and Tigers.

Safaris are offered by both Jeep and Elephant and there are two times per day that entrance is permitted. These differ depending on the time of year but are usually mornings between 6 am and 11 am and afternoons between 3pm and 6pm on average. You should check local times before you visit.

There are many places to stay around Bandhavgarh from standard resorts such as the Hotel Tigergarh Resort, mid-range like the Tiger Trails Resort or high end such as Mahua Kothi.

From Bandhavgarh, you can reach Katni in around 2 hours drive on a straight route from the National Park.


Famous for its lime stones, Katni is an interesting city in central India and a major transport hub when it comes to exploring the rest of the country. Even if you are only stopping here on your way to Agra, there are plenty of things to do during your stay.

Visit the Badera Chaturyug Dham with its beautiful architecture and dedications to the four Yugs, found on Maihar Road in Village Badera just outside Katni. Then if you want to relax and enjoy a break from sightseeing Suramya Udyan is a great park for a picnic stop and a lazy boat ride on the lake.

If you are looking to explore historic sights then there are plenty here to. There’s the Vijayraghavgarh Fort, the Vishnu Varah Temple Karanpur and the holy place of Roopnath Dhaam. Katni is a place you can explore on your own if you know where you are going. But if you are only staying a short time or want to make the most of what is on offer for tourists it might be wise to take a tour or hire a guide.

From Katni you can take the fast train direct to Agra which takes about 9 hours, or you can drive or be driven as part of a tour which takes up to 15 hours.

Possible stops between Katni and Agra

If you don’t want to spend 9 hours on a train or longer driving between these two destinations, there are some places you can potentially stop at along the way:

  • Gwalior is a city known for its temples and palaces. A great place to stop to admire historical architecture and sacred statues.

  • Jhansi is another historic city on a different route to Agra. Top sights include Ram Raja Temple and the Jhansi Fort.

  • Khajuraho a town and a group of monuments and temples in Madhya Pradesh which are also listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

  • Panna with its top reasons for visiting including diamond mines, history and temples.


One of the most visited destinations in India for the iconic modern wonder of the world the Taj Mahal. The impressive building is a mausoleum which was built for the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal who died during childbirth in 1631.

But it is not only the Taj Mahal that tourists can enjoy in Agra, in fact there are plenty of other things to do and places to visit. The second most visited attraction is the Agra Fort an UNESCO world heritage site that is the most important Mughal forts in India.

Other things to do include the Mughal Heritage Walk which goes through Kachhpura village and ends at Mehtab Bagh. Here you can visit the Moonlight Garden which gives you an alternative view of the Taj Mahal from across the river. Also, for animal lovers there’s the Agra Bear Rescue Centre which gives homes to bears who had been held captive and forced to dance.

There’s also plenty of bazaars to explore and shop in as well as a variety of bars and restaurants which vary in their price and quality. Ending your itinerary in Agra means travelling to New Delhi which has the nearest international airport to the city.

What do you think about taking a wild holiday in India?

National Parks and Indian jungles are the perfect places to enjoy the wild side of this country and there are plenty of safe but exciting places to visit the unique wildlife here.

From tigers to bears, holy shrines to historic forts, this trip really has it all to enjoy a fantastic wild holiday in central India.

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