Underground Attractions of Krakow and the Surrounding Area

by Julia on November 23, 2018

Lesser Poland is famous for the abundance of attractions that lure millions of tourists every year, both from Poland and from abroad. But you should know that most enthralling are not these attractions which can be seen, so to say, on the surface of the ground. You can have even more interesting experience while exploring the nooks and crannies that can be found in the underground of this charming land. Entering the nether regions can make you feel a bit anxious. Yet, when you are already there, the specific atmosphere, captivating interiors and interesting history – they all make your anxiety disappear, and in its place curiosity, delight and satisfaction arise. Which locations of Lesser Poland will provide an unforgettable underground adventure? We are presenting five attractions of Lesser Poland, which are definitely worth seeing.

Wieliczka Salt Mine – One of the Most Visited Attractions by Foreign Tourists

This mine offers a variety of hiking routes in salt dungeons. Here, everyone will find something for themselves. You can choose the tourist route, which will let you admire salt lakes, chambers and chapels. If you are interested in mining, the mining route may be suitable for you – you will learn about the traditions and rituals associated with this industry. The pilgrimage trail will give you time for spiritual reflection. And adventure seekers, equipped with a lamp and a mining helmet, can visit corners out of the main tourist routes. The mine also provides attractions for children and schools. The graduation towers are also well worth visiting – here, you can improve your health and physical condition. No wonder that every foreign tourist visiting Poland responds so eagerly to the slogan “Salt mines Krakow”. You can find guided tours to Wieliczka Salt Mine at discovercracow.com.

An Alternative to Wieliczka, or the Salt Mine in Bochnia

The Bochnia Mine offers as many attractions as the Wieliczka Salt Mine. For tourists in a good physical condition, the historical route in the mine is recommended. It is a bit challenging but your efforts will be rewarded by beautiful views of raw rock formations. The alternative option is the nature trail, which allows you to learn about the geological history of the mine. If you choose this route, you will also have a chance to take part in the biggest of local attractions – the underground ferry crossing. Such a boat trip in a salt chamber will be undoubtedly a memorable experience. What else distinguishes the Bochnia mine? Underground multimedia exhibition, underground chapels, 140-meter slide, sports ground, playground, and even overnight stays – all these in the undergrounds, in a unique brine microclimate.

Secrets of the Main Square of Krakow

While tourists are walking around the pedestrian zone on the Main Square in Krakow, just a few meters below them, the time has gone back by seven hundred years. Here, in the underground, the exhibition showing the life of a medieval inhabitant of Krakow and Europe has been created. In the underground of Krakow’s Square you can see, among other things, the miniature model of Krakow, main export goods, and paving or relics of that time. There is also the children’s zone and the cinema room.

Relaxation in Tyniec – Benedictine Abbey Museum

While visiting Lesser Poland, it is also worth seeing the oldest monastery in Poland. Here, you can participate in the Holy Mass, meditate or take part in the educational workshops. In the undergrounds of the Benedictine Abbey Museum in Tyniec, there are exhibitions related to the history of the abbey. You can find here, among other things, Romanesque architectural details, archaeological excavations or a copy of the grail and the paten, which come from one of the earliest abbatial burial sites.

King Cave, or Lokietek’s Cave

The Lokietek Cave is the largest of the caves in the Ojcow National Park. The legend says that this is a place where the Polish king – Wladyslaw Lokietek (the Elbow-Hight) – was hiding from the Czech king Wenceslaus II – since the cave’s name. Lokietek, having to spend six weeks in the cave, was sleeping there in a stone bedroom and using a rock kitchen. You can admire these rooms, as well as the beautiful stalactites, during your visit to the cave.

Krakow’s Surroundings – a Guarantee of an Unforgettable Underground Adventure

The abundant offer of underground attractions of Lesser Poland makes this area of our country tremendously interesting. It is also often associated with an interesting history. Therefore, visiting these crooks of Lesser Poland seems to be obligatory – but in this case the obligation will mean pure pleasure.

You can find more information about Krakow and its surroundings on discovercracow.com website, the organizer of Krakow Tours.

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