What to Do in Northern England

by Julia on October 30, 2018

Because Northern England’s major significance during the Industrial Revolution has been the region’s defining characteristic, it’s often not considered as a destination for leisure travel. However, this area offers an off-the-beaten track view of a lesser-known England that nonetheless very much worth seeing. Following are just three highlights of Northern England available to visitors.

The Lake District National Park

As its name implies, this park contains abundant lakes. Designated as a UNESCO Heritage site in 2017, the Lake District National Park also features rugged mountain terrain, including Scafell Peak, the highest mountain in the entire country of England. Visitors have access to a large variety of footpaths and horse trails, and while bicycles are allowed, cyclists are required to provide right-of-way to foot and horse traffic. Abundant wildlife is found in the woodland below the tree line of the mountains, making it an excellent destination choice for birdwatchers and amateur or professional wildlife photographers.

Yorkshire Dales

Situated in Northern England’s upland county of Yorkshire, Yorkshire Dales provides visitors with a look back on the region’s rich history. Primarily an agricultural zone, vistas of picturesque farming villages and gently rolling fields planted in a variety of crops. This region is also renowned for its waterfalls and wildflowers accessible by its popular hiking trails. The underlying limestone caves are also open to the public for guided tours. Many farmers in this region have diversified their income sources by offering amenities such as lodging and food, providing travelers with the option of staying at the farms themselves and enjoying fresh-from-the-field fare on the table.

The Durham Castle and Cathedral

Set on the banks of the Wear River, the Durham Castle and Cathedral is the second UNESCO site located within Northern England’s boundaries. Lovers of Medieval history will be in thrall for the duration of their visit by the cobbled streets with turrets and towers rising above them. As an added benefit, this was the location where a Hogwarts classroom of Harry Potter fame was filmed.

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