When in Ireland dont do what Irish wouldnt do!

by Julia on October 17, 2018

The mere mention of Ireland brings smile and vision of happy people in the mind of people. Even though the country is known as a country of thousand welcomes, warm and nurturing, but still Irish have their own triggers. If you are planning to go for vacations in Ireland then kudos it is a great choice and a reminder you need an extra pair of winter clothes, don’t worry checkout latest vouchers and discount codes to shop online. But, along with clothes, there are a few things one should not dwell upon or even mention when you are holidaying in Ireland. Check out the pointers and make your trip to the edge of the world memorable:

  • Don’t ever say Irish is part of the United Kingdom: Even though the fact is but they would not rather listen and may feel offended. Similarities between the countries are intriguing but they are like distant cousins who prefer to stay aloof and not liked to meet often. So when you are visiting Ireland, never ever say that Ireland is part of the UK as it will be responded by a smirk or lecture for sure.

  • Don’t ever claim you are 100% Irish: Even the Irish don’t claim that they are 100% Irish and just because you have some connection in Ireland does not make you pure Irish. Yes, maybe your grandmother was Irish or your father but the moment they immigrated that was that. So you can never be pure Irish for them just because your ancestors were from Ireland.

  • Don’t dwell on the movie version of Leprechauns: Yes, many movies have depicted them warn and angelic creatures but the reality is not the same. Firstly, Irish people love to discuss their heritage and history but leprechauns aren’t their favourite topic and second, they are considered obnoxious especially when it comes to their treasure. So stay away from the people who offer you a leprechaun especially without a proper license as there are strict policies on their export.

  • Don’t debate with their scholar taxi drivers: Maybe you are not aware but even the taxi drivers in Ireland hold doctorates and love to debate. They won’t turn an academic discussion but mind you, it will soon turn into a debate. So when riding a taxi enjoy the intellectual ride but don’t get involved and start giving your opinions.

  • Let Civil War be the past: The dark phase which turned brothers against each other still sting them. It is better not to mention it and if you see two people fighting in a bar then don’t get involved or change the topic from the Civil War to something jovial.

Apart from the above pointers, don’t get that fake Irish accent just to be part of the group. In fact, if you want to feel included then show your dislike for the politicians or start a conversation with, “damn those politicians” and it will do the trick. So take a note of these don’ts and make your trip to Ireland adventurous.

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