The Benefits of Going on a Road Trip

by Julia on October 12, 2018

A road trip can be an exciting adventure that takes you outside your sphere and gives you a taste of what the rest of the world has to offer. This choice of vacation is fantastic for those who love exploration; we’re talking about the types of people who appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Plus, it’s also an alternative for those who happen to have a fear of flying. What makes road trips work is some creativity and a spirit of adventure. Let’s dive in.

See the World Up Close

Those who fly to their destinations may get a chance to “see” the flyover parts of the world from afar but don’t get a chance to really get intimate with a new environment. With a road trip, you are really in it and get a chance to see these different places up close. As you journey on and rack up the miles, the world slowly changes around you. The landscape transforms. The terrain changes color. Homes, stores and people look different. When you get a chance to park and interact, you get a sense that even the local culture differs. Seeing these changes can give you a powerful sense of contrast that allows you to evaluate your own locale from a different perspective; you get an opportunity to see that there is much more to life outside your inner bubble.


Road trips are typically cheaper than those which involve flying. Chances are you already own a car and took the time to buy car insurance online, so now all you need is some gas to get going. A cost-effective road trip with family can be something that you and your family remember for years to come. Why? Because it’s vacation “roughing it.” The luxuries done away with on this type of vacation are replaced by excitement, adventure, and bonding between family members. Money is no object to people who really know how to live, and a road trip can be an exciting application of that mentality.

Preparation for a Long Drive

Preparing for a long drive is crucial. You, while it should go without saying, need to have enough money for gas to get you to and from your target location. You need to have enough cash to pay for hotels or campgrounds for lodging. Clothes and hygienic items need to be packed in a way that still allows for passenger space and comfort; However, one benefit to driving as opposed to flying is that you are able to simply pack more. Money for food is needed if food is not brought on the trip. For a road trip to be successful, it needs to be well planned – an AAA membership is recommended along with a budget for unforeseen events.


To conclude, a road trip can be a rewarding experience with a little planning and outside the box thinking. It is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. We recommend that you take a different course this year – hop in your car and see the world!

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