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by Julia on September 25, 2018

When traveling to Vegas with your family, you want to make the vacation utmost interesting and pleasant for all of you, especially your kids! Surely, Vegas is rich with most various attractions and parks, yet it’s particularly the kid friendly shows in Vegas that remain in their memories after leaving home. With skillful artists on the stage, enhanced sound techniques, and mind-blowing visual effects, all these performances seem to be out of this world! They represent the most magical, most improbable and fantastic that a kid can ever imagine! So, not to make you and your precious kids wait long, we’ll present to your attention some of the most grandiose Vegas shows both kids and their parents will enjoy to the full!

Best kid friendly Vegas shows:

Mystere at Treasure Island in Vegas

Most probably, you didn’t expect to see the name Cirque du Soleil in this article devoted to kids’ entertainment in Vegas, did you? However, this world-known entertainment company suggests coming and seeing one of the most succeeded performances it has ever staged – Mystere at Treasure Island. This Vegas performance is the unique combination of the thrill that only a quality circus can provide and the elegance of a snobby dinner party. With multiple gravity-defying poses, unbelievably skilled aerialists, and ridiculous hand-to-hand balancing acts, the Vegas show magnetizes and makes you hold your breath every now and then whether you are a grown-up with much life experience or a little kid yet to see much in is life. So, Mystere at Treasure Island is among those rare kid friendly shows in Vegas 2018 the memories of which your entire family will cherish long!

 The Ultimate Variety Vegas Show

Held at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, one of the most energetic shows in entire Vegas is appropriate for visiting with kids. This is the V-The Ultimate Variety Show! This fast-paced seventy-five long performance guarantees a huge portion of adrenaline and amazement, something children crave for so much! The entire Vegas show can be described as a non-stop moving and grooving of such artists as jugglers, dancers, gymnasts, skaters, magicians, and comedians. All of this is delivered at the maximal professionalism level!

However, despite the abundance of tensed acts and adrenaline, there is quite a straightforward and clear storyline. This helps the young audience keep track of the entire Vegas show and understand the meaning of every act.

Additionally, during this Vegas show, there is a part when some audience members are invited onto the stage to take part in some acts. Anyway, it’s obvious that your kids won’t be made fun of on the stage, yet the same can’t be guaranteed for you! Hence, if you get easily offended, get prepared to change your behavior in front of the whole Vegas audience!

 Blue Man Group in Vegas

 The next marvelous performance among the top kid friendly shows in Vegas is the Blue Man Group held at Luxor. This is definitely one of the most impressive Vegas performances you can find for you and your kids, as the age restriction here spreads only on kids under the age of three. What makes this Vegas show performed only by three people so one-of-a-kind and so much spoken of is the artful blending of bright colors, intense vibrations, dazzling sounds, and a way more than that! Kids get crazy about this show, so do adult audience members.

Anyway, besides all the artistic mess going on the Vegas stage that attracts people, the performance is also quite educational. Your kids will take so much from this grandiose show! Particularly what, find out yourself by getting tickets for all of you to the Blue Man Group!

 Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream in Vegas

Which are kid friendly shows in Vegas that promise lots of real magic? Well, there are many performances meeting this criterion, and of the most loved ones is Xavier Mortimer’s Magical Dream held at Planet Hollywood! The Vegas show is appropriate for visitors above the age of three.

Primarily being a performer working for the Cirque du Soleil, Xavier Mortimer was so talented and popular that he opened his own show in dazzling Las Vegas. The fourteen acts of this show follow one another to create one unifying and impressive storyline. In fact, everything appears so weird, as we can hardly remember any of our dreams, yet so alluring that none of the audience members can take his eye from the stage! Our illusionist combines magic and humor to create an enchanting yet easy atmosphere for kids and adults. The Vegas show is particularly adored by the teenage audience.

Tournament of Kings Right in Vegas

And finally, the Vegas performance concluding our list of the best kid friendly shows in Vegas is the Tournament of Kings. This is an interactive show with no age restriction that makes it possible for the whole audience to take part in the entire show and get an unmatched pleasure from it! Held at the Excalibur, the Vegas show is led by Merlin and a court jester. On the Vegas stage, you will see anything you know about the fights taken place in England in the middle ages – racing, sword fighting, gladiator-style combats, etc. What makes all this a great fun, is that depending on where you sit in the Vegas hall, you are to encourage your king or the Black Knight! And quite often, the better the encouragement of the audience part, the more likely the winner is that part’s favorite!

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