3 Reasons that Tenerife Is Such A Popular Island

by Julia on September 7, 2018

Spain is a beautiful country with beautiful islands such as Ibiza, La Palma, La Gomera and, one of the most popular, Tenerife. Tenerife is a gorgeous island endowed with a lot of beautiful natural features, landscapes and qualities that simply make everyone want to visit the island. There are also plenty of festivals that occur on the island, which are great for interaction with the local folk and getting to know the people and understanding their culture better. Before are some of the reasons that touch on why Tenerife is so popular, and why you should visit the island as well.

1. Its volcanic terrain

Tenerife is the most populated island of all the Canary islands. It has a special feature that makes it so popular and attractive and draws mass numbers to the island. This feature is the Mt. Teide, a volcano that is a major tourist attraction site. The Mt. Teide has the highest peak in all of Spain from which an individual can access absolutely beautiful views of the island. Tourists and individuals visiting the island are privileged to see these views as the island has cable cars which transport people to the crater at the top of the mountain. You do not have to worry about volcanic eruptions or anything of the sort, as the last time the volcano erupted was in 1909. There are a lot of sites where people exchange ideas about Tenerife, for instance, the Tenerife Forum. If you would like to learn more about the island, the stated forum would be a great place to start.

2.  The beautiful beaches and hotels

Islands are beautiful and the most suitable places to take some time off of our hectic schedules and to just relax. Tenerife is thus the perfect getaway for this as it contains the most beautiful sandy beaches. You can kick off your shoes and take long strolls along the beach in the evenings and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the palm trees that grace the island as well as the cool breezes. There is also plenty of marine life which you can get to see through snorkelling or on wildlife trips. The island has various five-star hotels that you can stay in while on a visit to the island. The hotels are of top-notch quality, with great seafood, accommodation and friendly staff. You can book a hotel close to the beach where you can have a fantastic view of the waters.

3. Sunshine all year round

This is one feature of the island that makes it so fantastic. The island experiences sunshine all year round which is a great advantage as it enables an individual to enjoy all the other fabulous traits of the island. With sunshine all year round, one can go hiking, swimming in the hotel pools or at the beach, sunbathing, and so many other activities. The favourable weather makes the place so inviting and warm, and thus attracts a lot of traffic to the island.

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