A Look at the Charm of Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

by Julia on September 4, 2018

Labuan Bajo, located on Flores Island in Indonesia is one of the most scenic places to visit in the Southeast Asian region. It is often described as the ideal getaway for travellers seeking adventure and romance all wrapped in one. Labuan Bajo was once just a small fishing town, but tourism has now become the main economic activity undertaken here. This is because the town acts as the gateway to the world renowned Komodo and Rinca Islands, which are home to the world’s largest populations of Komodo dragons. The Komodo dragons are usually what brings people from all over the world to this part of Indonesia.

However, there is more to Labuan Bajo and its surrounding areas than just the Komodo dragons. For instance, Seraya and Kanawa islands are just a stone throw away from the town. You can easily access these islands from the town every day to do some deep water diving as well as some snorkelling.

In addition, from Labuan Bajo, you can easily get to Kalong Island, an island famed for the majestic display of thousands of fox bats that engulf the sky every evening. You can also find a host of numerous, spectacularly unique waterfalls, and trekking paths just a few hours from the town. Some of the waterfalls you should catch during your visit to Labuan Bajo include the Cunca Wulan, Cunca Iolos, Wae Sipi, the Cunca Rami, and the Sano Nggoang.

A trek through the Komodo forest is also a must during your holiday in Labuan Bojo. This is the authentic home of Komodo dragons, and visitors get the opportunity to watch these exotic animals in their natural habitat. Joining a simple hike led by one of the forest rangers will allow you an opportunity to observe one of the world’s most majestic lizards.

An interesting element about this town is how small it is. You can easily get across the entire town within 10-15 minutes on foot. Taking a walk through this culturally rich and diverse town will enrich your understanding of the locals’ culture, and way of life. However, walking is not the only option for tourists visiting the small town. Bemos and ojeks, the local public transport minibuses, are quite common and they traverse across the town nearly every waking minute of the day.

You can also rent your own motorcycle for the day to help you get around the town much easier and more conveniently, and with the expert guidance of the motorcycle rider. If you are looking to add some adventurous activities to your day tour, you can request the motorcycle rider to take you to Ruteng. Here, you can visit the infamous hobbit caves, take a glimpse of a snake cave, and visit the spider web rice fields.

You can also visit wae rebo, a small, traditional village that was awarded the 2012 UNESCO Top Award of Excellence owing to the villagers’ efforts towards creating a sustainable tradition, as well as engaging in activities that promote village welfare. It is a beautiful village to visit with an enthralling view of the surrounding mountains, as well as the Todo forest. This forest is a haven for bird enthusiasts as they can find a variety of exotic birds within this dense forest. The village houses, also known as Mbaru Niang, are also quite spectacular to observe, and can give you a glimpse into the culture of the people within that village.

The Labuan Bajo coastline is also home to several magnificent beaches, including the magnificent Waecicu Beach. This beach has several famed hotels including its first 5-star resort that provides exquisite komodo accommodation, amongst other amenities to all of its guests.

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