5 Summer Vacation Ideas For USA Families On A Budget

by Julia on August 2, 2018

Summer is the best time of year to enjoy a rewarding vacation. The kids are out of school and many industries slow down in July and August. You have one or two weeks to take a vacation with the family. But, you don’t want to break the bank either. If you would like to be a savvy traveler who can still afford to go on an amazing vacation, there are plenty of trips that are available. You just need some summer vacation ideas to get you started. Here are some ideas that will create a fun time on a limited budget.

Visit A Family Friendly Lake Destination

Some of the lake towns are much more affordable for a summer vacation. A major city could cost you a lot of money. Meanwhile, staying at a lake town could offer many fun activities for a fraction of the cost. For example, you and the family could take out a paddle boat, sail boat or jet skis. Moreover, these smaller lake towns have cute downtown areas to eat and stay. If you book ahead of time, they offer great deals when staying multiple nights. It’s an even better experience when you can stay in the heart of the town where everything is walking distance. This is a great summer vacation idea that is budget friendly too.

Hit The Beach And Maybe The Boardwalk

Depending on where you are in the US, there are many beaches that you can enjoy on your vacation. Of course, you might know of some of the overcrowded and overpriced beaches. These beaches can be a hassle with so many people visiting throughout the summer. To save some stress and money, try staying at a local beach. It will give you the chance to slow down and relax on your vacation. Smaller beaches offer lower prices on everything from lodging to boardwalk games. In fact, some boardwalks have packages for the week which can save you some extra money when the kids want to ride all the attractions.

Check Out A Historical Landmark

The United States has many historical points throughout the nation. Many of the national parks, national reservations and historical landmarks are preserved for the public. The price to visit these areas are very nominal in areas from New York to places in California. For example, you could do a trip to Niagara Falls. If you buy a discovery pass, you’ll get access to many of the major attractions around the falls. This is much cheaper than going to an amusement park. However, it still offers a sense of awe and wonder. Checking out some of the country’s national sites is a great summer trip that doesn’t cost a whole lot.

Road Trip Through The Midwest

Purchasing an RV can pay dividends over many summer vacations. Once you have an RV extended warranty from http://www.goodsamesp.com/, the vehicle will continue to save you money on every vacation you take with it. Compared to the average hotel price, RV traveling can cost as little as $30 per night. And, if you are lucky enough to find free parking, it costs nothing. RVing is one of the most unique ways to see the country. You have full control of your destination, taking to the open road and bright summer skies. Clearly, an RV vacation is one of the most affordable trips you can take with family.

Travel To A Cheap Foreign Destination

As a worker in the United States, the dollar can go much further in other countries. If you book in advance for flights, staying in other countries can cost very little per day. Including food, lodging and entertainment, foreign countries give you the opportunity to experience new cultures on a budget. You can try new foods, see attractions and relax in natural countries. An easy example is Thailand. The currency conversion and living prices make it very easy to enjoy a luxurious summer vacation for less. Just remember to book those flights as early as possible.

If you have worked hard all year, don’t let your budget stop you from having a great summer vacation. These vacation ideas are great for anyone who is willing to plan ahead and explore the road less traveled. Firstly, small lake towns can offer great value for a summer vacation. Similarly, try to find local beaches to stay at that offer packages for the week and deals at the boardwalk. If your family would like, take a trip to historical landmarks. They can be historically significant or wonders of nature. If you really love the outdoors, drive in an RV to your destination, making memories along the way. Finally, you can travel outside the US if you book your flights in advance. These are all great summer vacation ideas that can also save you some money too.

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