New Zealand – A Truly Awesome Place to Visit

by Julia on July 20, 2018

If there is one place that is worth visiting, it would be New Zealand. This country, aside from its friendly people, is also seemingly otherworldly in its uniqueness. It definitely offers memorable adventures for wanderers and thrill-seekers. Its topography is characterized by rugged mountains, dense forests, beaches, glaciers, fjords, and jutting islands. Its natural flora and fauna are well-preserved because it has environmentally conscious people and government.

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The Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

There are myriads of places that you can visit in New Zealand, some of which are man-made, while many are natural wonders. You can check out this list of outdoor scenic spots that would surely leave a lasting imprint on your memory:

1.      Abel Tasman National Park

Situated at the north tip of the South Island, this fantastic national park is frequented by hikers. You can access this place via a boat ride or by small plane. Littered with awesome wonders, you will surely see oystercatchers, penguins, wekas, and rare birds along the way as you traverse mountainous terrain with an azure sea backdrop.

2.      Kaikoura

Kaikoura is a small coastal town along the South Island. This lovely nook is a favorite haven of seafood lovers. Along the beachfront of this island, you’ll see sperm whales, albatrosses, dolphins, and seals. But the best thing about this place is the fresh seafoods it offers.

3.      Coromandel Peninsula

This peninsula is located in the northeastern part of the country. It is famed for its golden and white beaches that litter the coastal scene. This peninsula is truly perfect for adventures and exploration. There, you will find the picturesque city of Tharmes, and Hot Water Beach, which is frequented by tourists.

4.      Franz Josef Glacier

This glacier which is situated in the Westland National Park is very much accessible compared to other known glaciers in the world. You can trek up to the very foot of this massive glacier. You can also ride a helicopter to get a bird’s eye view of this massive structure. This glacier is definitely a major draw in the South Westland.

5.      Wai-o-tapu

Right outside Rotorua on the North Island is the Wai-o-tapu, which is a geologically active place. You would find this place awesomely different — it has the Lady Knox Geyser which erupts daily. Scattered around the area are geothermal spas, perfect for unwinding.

6.      Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is a veritable paradise. The area is strewn with 144 beautiful islands. You will surely discover in it many secluded inlets and bays bedecked with great beaches. Moreover, you’ll be surprised at the diverse aquatic flora and fauna of this fantastic peninsula.

7.      Milford Sound

You should not miss Milford Sound, which is basically one of the most breathtaking places in New Zealand. Located at Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound will surely tantalize you. Lastly, you’ll see numerous cascading waterfalls within the area.

And if you fall in love with this beautiful country you might even contemplate moving here!

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