Cheaper Holiday Tricks

by Julia on July 13, 2018

The less money holidays cost the more likely it is that you are to be able to manage more than one a year or have more fun while you’re on them. You can always find flights and hotels at top prices, but how can you save some money to be able to afford a second break away or maybe even just save money?

Pick Your Time Of Year Carefully

Prices of flights and hotels vary greatly throughout the year. School holiday times are always the most expensive. If you want to visit one of the places in the Mediterranean for instance, there is warm weather all year round. You may see the locals wrapped up in their winter woollies, but for anyone from the UK it will still be warm enough to be in shorts and t-shirts. You can save a lot of money by booking your holiday ‘out of season’ and it is well worth considering.

Check Out Flight Comparison Sites

Look at several flight comparison sites as often you can get better deals than with booking with the airlines direct. Sites such as Skyscanner will give the flights for a whole month, so you can also see when is the cheapest time to fly. Often, the journey costs less if you travel midweek rather than at weekends.

You should also watch out for things like tui discount codes because these can cut quite a chunk off the amount you have to pay and they’re so easy to apply. If you aren’t looking for vouchers and promo codes, you are undoubtedly spending more than you need to on your holidays!

Watch The Stars

The stars ratings differ from country to country so do not think you must stay in a five-star hotel to get good accommodation. In some places, a five star just means the hotel has more facilities and is no indication of the quality. Check out how the stars ratings work in the country you are planning to visit as if you do not want some of the extra things on offer, you may well find that a lower priced three star is fine for your holiday.

Book Early

Most people have heard of late deals where they leave it to the last minute to book and then end up wherever there are spaces. The same works if you book 12 months in advance, but then you have more choice as you are among the first to confirm their booking.

This is exactly why some people book their next years holiday as soon as they return from their break. You can get an even better deal if you book the hotel you have just left as often they will give discounts of up to 30% for returning customers.

Car Hire

Before you book a car to hire, check out the deals the airlines are offering. They often have a tie-in with car hire companies that give a better price to anyone flying with them.

You should also look at local car hire companies. For instance, in Spain there is Goldcar, which is a Spanish company, offering better deals than the usual UK large companies.

There are lots of ways you can keep the cost of your holiday down, which will leave you more money for fun while you are away or let you book a second break, so use them!

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