How to Save Big On 18 Holes On Your Vacation

by Julia on July 3, 2018

Golf is expensive, everyone knows that. After 18 holes, a budget is broken. Have patience, breathe and do some research — a little time online can save you cash so you can pursue golf like you’ve never thought of before. The tips aren’t for everyone, but there may be a couple where you scratch your head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

There are numerous online sites which offer discount golf packages such as Pinehurst golf packages, which are available often.

Get Used Clubs

There is a big market for used equipment. Most golfers don’t know about sites like and, which offer top-tier equipment at a small fraction of the showroom cost. Old clubs can also be traded in at a variety of pro shops.

Hit the Grocery Store

Buy your snacks at a grocery store on the way to the course instead of handing over money in the club’s snack bar. Buying munchies, a sports drink and an energy bar will set you back a whole $2 at the grocery store. Wait till you get to the course snack bar, and that figure is somewhere north of five bucks. Repeat this habit a few times and the savings will be real.

Buy Recycled Golf Balls

Don’t worry about reaching for a dozen at over $50. Buy refurbished, or recycled, golf balls. They can be found online, and it’s likely that someone at the clubhouse will know a local source. With sites like selling over 40 million recycled golf balls a year, divers are jumping into ponds just to recover this dimpled treasure.

Cart Fee, Greens Fee, Both?

Often visiting players don’t know if they’re paying a cart fee, a greens fee, or both. Cart costs add up and you need the exercise, anyway. Save some money — just cover the greens fee and enjoy the new green lining your pocket.

Buy a Membership

With the savings you’ve found so far, you could buy a membership. It’s a buyer’s market this summer and if you’re not especially picky about which club in your area you join, you can save even more. Deals are struck all the time and you may have your choice of opportunities. Initiation waived, several months without dues, monthly credits, food and beverage discounts — all of these are available in a variety of regions.

If you’re not the joining type, find out if your town has resident cards. They’re discount shopper-type cards which can make public courses cheaper. Some venues even offer deals through social media accounts, so sign up and join them online.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Wait till winter to buy your golf outfits. Many pro shops want to unload the leftovers from the summer collection before having to deal with next year’s inventory. You may not look trendy, but you can always upgrade your closet and still save money.

Go Late

Many courses lower their rates after 3 pm. In some regions even the best public links offer ‘twilight fees’. In summer, a complete round can be played with discounted tickets before the sun goes down.

The Takeaway

Golf can be expensive, but with certain savings it can also be reasonable. The key is how you manage your time and your gear.

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