Why Is Cabo San Lucas Your Best Destination For A Luxury Vacation?

by Julia on June 28, 2018

Mexico has, for quite a long time, had all the elements of an upscale vacation destination; from the wave-crashed Pacific shores to the glittering white Caribbean beaches, pre-Columbian ruins, thriving cities, world-class cuisines as well as an expanding selection of 5-star hotels. And at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula lies Cabo San Lucas, a destination which attracts championship golfers, wealthy jet-setters, celebrities, US party girls and boys, families as well as anyone else who has interest in enjoying some luxurious life along the Pacific. This spot ranks among the best luxury vacation destinations not only in Mexico but in the world. And apart from being the most ancient and continuously inhabited part of the world, this destination has a lot to offer international as well as local tourists. Here are some reasons why Cabo San Lucas should be your best destination for a luxury vacation.

The Weather

Cabo San Lucas is a perfect location for anyone who is looking to enjoy a vacation in a hot and sunny spot. The truth is that the sun usually shines almost every month of the year, and this implies that you will have to worry less about the gloomy weather when you arrive at this destination. The average annual temperature for this destination is about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures of this spot during the high tourist season (which runs from October all the way to April usually range from 60 to 90 Fahrenheit). And during the low tourist season (May to September), the temperatures typically range from 65 to 95 Fahrenheit.

Generally speaking, Cabo San Lucas has more than 300 days of pure sunshine. The average ocean water temperature is usually about 72 Fahrenheit, but it can soar up to the 80’s when the summer season sets in. Besides, the beach city of Cabo San Lucas is less prone to tropical storms or hurricanes which ravage a majority of tourist spots present in the Caribbean. Most of the storms usually pass many miles to the south of this tourist destination. And overall, very few holiday destinations can match the pleasant weather that this city has to offer.

Easily Accessible

One can travel to Cabo from the United States via sea or by road. An ocean cruise will allow you to get into that much-desired holiday mood before you can check into any resorts or hotels in this destination. You could also travel to Cabo San Lucas via road with the only issue being that you will probably have to cross numerous army checkpoints. However, you do not have to worry because the personnel at these checkpoints are supposed to inspect all vehicles for drugs and guns.

If you will be traveling by road to this destination, you must be sure to acquire some Mexican auto insurance because Canadian or US coverage isn’t valid in Mexico. It is also important to note that the roads in Mexico are usually narrower when compared to their North American countries. This means that you should drive with caution and always be on the lookout for animals crossing the roads.

White Sandy Beaches

This coastal city has many miles of white sandy beaches which attract thousands of sunbathers each year. The Medano beach is one of the most famous beaches in the city and is home to renowned Mango Deck partying spot. Resorts, restaurants, and hotels have mushroomed all along the beach to accommodate as well as provide delicacies to all the visitors.

And for those who are looking to have some romance besides the luxury, the Lover’s Beach is an excellent spot all thanks to its clear tropical waters, spectacular rock formations, and caves. This beach is also a widely known snorkeling location where many visitors can view numerous tropical fish species which have their natural habitat on this beach.

The Solmar Beach is another beautiful and breathtaking beach spot you should visit while on your trip to this coastal city. This beach is a popular destination among those who want to engage in activities like swimming, walking, jogging, or just sunbathing on the sandy coastal beaches. And similar to other beaches mentioned above, motorized vehicles are not allowed on this beach.

Mouthwatering Cuisine

A trip to this Pacific city would be deemed incomplete if you failed to sample the numerous delicacies this city has to offer. The local cuisine usually includes delights like fish tacos, chocolate clams, chicken tamales fajados, smoked marlin, and lobster sautéed with the most delicious local veggies and sauces. What’s even more impressive is that a majority of hotels, restaurants, and resorts serve delights from different parts of the world including European, American, and Mediterranean cuisine. And after having your meal, you could try local drinks such as the Clamato or Damiana liquor. The Guaycura Indians are the pioneers of the Damiana liquor, and this drink has become a popular choice among tourists, know more.


If you are looking for a city that provides accommodation facilities to cater for all types of visitors, then Cabo San Lucas is the place to be. These accommodation facilities usually range from five-star resorts and villas to budget hotels. A majority of the facilities here provide an array of holiday packages which cover multiple holiday plans like family vacations, romantic getaways, proposals, adult-only retreats, and beach weddings. Additionally, visitors have the option to rent time-shares or long-term accommodation. If you plan to visit this city regularly in future, you could purchase real estate properties as well.

Vibrant Nightlife

If you are looking to experience a city’s nightlife like no other, Cabo San Lucas is the city you need to visit. When the sun sets, this city does not go to sleep. It springs back to life as the locals and visitors stream to nightclubs, bars as well as “spring break” type of parties. And moving from one entertainment joint to another is usually easy all thanks to the numerous taxis patrolling the city during the night.

When making plans for your next luxury vacation with enjoymexico.net, you should consider a trip to the city of Cabo San Lucas and the reasons mentioned above are just enough to convince you.

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