Top 5 Places to go Kayaking in 2018

by Julia on June 14, 2018

Kayaking is basically moving across water with a kayak. It’s easy to confuse canoeing with kayaking at times, but it’s 2018, things have changed. There are big differences between canoeing and kayaking, the way the paddler is seated is one of the differences, plus the way the paddle is being handled. This is why we have made a list of the top 5 places to go kayaking, so you would not be cajoled into canoeing instead of kayaking. You can also find a list of superb kayaks here for your kayaking adventures.

Depending on which type of kayaking you would be interested in, we have selected the top from all types of kayaking you’d want, they are listed below:

New Zealand

There’s no other place to top our list other than beautiful New Zealand seas, packed with nature at its beautiful best, some of the world’s best sights are to be beheld from the water while kayaking. Imagine paddling along the fjords and witnessing towering lush green peaks!
This was at a point called the “eighth wonder of the world” by the famous writer, Rudyard Kipling.

Na Pali Hawaii

Next on our excitingly well researched list is Na Pali coast in Hawaii: this beautiful sight is packed with natural beauty that makes kayaking, excessively exciting for kayakers. The Na Pali coast is about 17 miles long, with lots of fjords with fruits, to make the trip nutritional. It’s somewhat better to go kayaking in the summer between May and September, for optimum enjoyment. Needless to say, since the coast is quite long, the trip usually takes up a whole day, ergo the whole day must be planned as a loosening off experience.

Coming up next on our list of top 5 places to go Kayaking is the;

Johnstone Strait

This is a trip for the adventurous and daring kayakers, if you would be interested is seeing orcas and lots of wild animals, you will be pleased to visit the Johnstone Strait, this is in the maple leaf country, Canada. The Johnstone strait kayakers are known for their daring love for nature and wild. It is best to go Kayaking between June and October when you will witness hundreds of orcas. Another exquisite feature of the Johnstone Strait is the fact that it is under the Pacific bird migration path, which means uncommon types and species of birds are often seen while kayaking, which in turn adds to the list of fascinating animals to see while kayaking.

Baja Peninsula

Next is the Baja Peninsula, its situated in Mexico just south of California. This peninsula is the second largest peninsula in the world, it is said to be the best and famous winter kayaking trip destination in the whole world! It is also a great place to explore nature and good photography while kayaking. And the best thing about kayaking in Baja is the fact that you would most times be kayaking with whales!

Halong Bay in Vietnam

Finally, on our list it would be unfair not to mention a place to meet people, whether locals or travelers. The Halong Bay in Vietnam is the best kayaking site to meet with locals, the fishermen offer meals and the rest of the people are quite friendly.  Plus you’d get to see a lot of sea caves and mangroves, and most importantly, the water is always friendly.

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