Experiencing the best yacht vacation with your kids

by Julia on June 4, 2018

If you are a couple then yacht cabin charter could be the right getaway, and the most romantic. But if you’re a family and your kids are going to tag along, you should choose something suitable for a family sailing. The yacht cabin charter service is great for vacations with your family. Think about this again! Wouldn’t it be just fabulous to have a great vacation with your family and kids on a yacht? Sightseeing while sailing, enjoying the wind brushing your cheeks, and above all, having a QUALITY time with the family and kids. ¬†Of course, you will be able to find yacht charters to suit your budget, after all, it is for your family, why bother the cost? There are recommended itineraries that you could search online. There is a special Ibiza and Formentera yacht cruise for your journey and if you could rent, you can please everyone in your family. The smile on your kids’ lips cannot be traded for the world, and yacht vacations could bring that priceless smile. Many families prefer yacht vacations, and the result is always glowing! ¬†However, if you are planning to go around Ibiza and Formentera there are countless things that you can do with your family. Here are a few amazing things to do in Ibiza and Formentera.

Motor Boat voyage: The exciting voyage starts from the bay of San Antonio, passing great 15 small islands along with tranquil bays and stunning Es Vedra Island finally arriving at the Formentera. You can arrive in an hour if it is a motor boat if it is sailing it might take 3 hours or more depends on the weather.

Restaurants and beaches: You can have a great time with family on the turquoise waters and the alluring beaches. Kids may spend best of their time here, as they can enjoy playing on the shores. Most yacht cabin charter service anchors at the Juan Y Andrea, one of the exclusive restaurants you can find in Ibiza. You can give lives to your taste buds, and then get back to your journey.

Innocent Ibiza coast: For kids, nothing could be fascinating than the innocent Ibiza coast. Rugged coastline, sheer cliffs, rocky arches of the Island of Margarita could be something that you should never miss witnessing. The rare beauty could be a lifetime experience for the family.

Stunning sunset: The final treat you could give your family is the stunning sunset of the “Cafe Del Mar”, the world famous sunset bar.

It is not like you get to go on vacations always, so when you get the chance make it sound the best vacation ever. If you want to spend quality time with your family the above-alluded things are just the highlights, there are more things to do and there are more things to see. To be honest, things never end in Ibiza and Formentera. Life is short, so live it to the maximum that you never regret.

Things to deal when you are on a vacation with kids

Of course, yacht cabin charter experience could be worth the cost and time. You will have the best services with the best staffs. There will be water toys to entertain kids, onboard entertainment system, and sightseeing excursion and sometimes if your kids are lucky, celebrity chefs could be there as well. Still, some things are to be reminded, if you are on a vacation with kids you would have to deal with a few things. To make it easier, you can use these tips below;

Select the best yacht- It is obvious that yacht cabin charter can be the best choice for a family vacation but you should be wise enough to choose the ideal. You should check whether it is suitable for your family (family-friendly). And check for the cabins to make sure that it offers comfortable accommodation to your kids. If you cannot make the right decision, why don’t you ask the charter broker?

Ask the kids’ opinions- before settling for a specific charter itinerary make sure to ask your kids opinions. Let them have a look at the charters, destinations, and all the other related things and let them make the final decision. This is not only because you should give priority to your kids’ wishes but also stop complaints and whines on the journey.

Look for entertainment area- It is important to focus on the kid-friendly charters so that your kids can find all the kinds of on broad entertainments, computers, and video games and also water toys (seabobs, floating water mats, water slides, jet skis, etc.) if you find snorkeling nd scuba, you should make sure that it suits the kids.

Destination to be decided- You can get help from the charter broker to find destinations that suit the kids. There is an abundance of great water sports and snorkeling opportunities in many kid-friendly locations.

Safety above all- there is no doubt that you should consider this point first. You should focus on the charter crew and the captain to ensure your family’s safety. It is your duty to instruct and educate your kids about onboard safety and risks. The kids should be able to understand the instructions given by the crew.

We all travel to make memories because memories last forever!

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