How to not appear like an idiot while going on a trek. A guide to packing your luggage.

by Julia on May 23, 2018

What should I actually pack?

This might be the question which has hammered your mind often when you’ve planned for a trek. Isn’t it?

Well, no doubt it becomes a million dollar question just a few days before any trekking experience. When there is so much of stuff around you, it’s not easy to decide on just a few of them. On one hand, if you end up packing huge, it will be an obstacle in your adventure. However, on the other hand, you will suffer from a shortage of essential things, if you don’t pack enough.

So, it is quite necessary to pack smartly while you are on your way to trekking. Here is the list that you need to follow:


When it comes to the apparels that you need to pack for trekking, there are some major ones which you can’t miss. Some of the most important ones are some pairs of trekking pants ( choose them which have enough pockets), thermal underwear, some long-sleeved t-shirts and one long sleeved trekking shirt. Also, you must include sleeping pants and at least 3 pairs of socks.

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A right pair of shoe is very essential to go for a successful trek. So, you must invest in a comfortable pair of trekking shoes. Believe me, your shoes can altogether break or build your trip. You’ve to walk up the hills wearing the shoes, so they are definitely important. Just make sure that you are asking your guide in advance whether you need to wear mid-cut hiking shoes or high-cut hiking shoes. Once you get a clear idea, you can decide on which kind of shoes to purchase. If you want to save huge while making such a purchase, sign up for the money saving websites like Dealcatcher, Ebates etc.

Flip Flops

You will wear shoes for the whole day to climb up the height. But, how about the end of the day? You will certainly want to relax and give your feet a rest. In such an instance, you will need a good pair of flip-flops or river shoes. Just make sure that you are wearing the flip-flops with socks. Moreover, when you will wear them without socks, it will help you for crossing or fonding rivers.

Reusable water bottles

You will have to drink a lot of water while trekking. In such a situation, if you think that you will buy packaged water each and every time, you are definitely being absurd. It will cost you huge. Instead, you can take along some reusable bottles and fill them along the way. IT will help you to be ready while covering the distance.

Walking stick

When it comes to trekking through the downhill sections, a walking stick is highly recommended. If you don’t carry a walking stick with you, it will be a huge obstacle in your path. So, whether it is two or one that you decide, you should definitely take a walking stick with you.

Apart from the aforementioned things, you should also carry some snacks, medicines, toilet paper, extra chargers and so on. Once you think that you’ve packed all of them, go for the adventure without anymore ado!

Wishing you all the very best on your next trekking adventure!

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