7 Tips for Throwing a Killer Party Away from Home

by Julia on May 17, 2018

Compared to a one-night, local celebration, hosting a party away from home offers you more celebratory and social time with your chosen guests. In addition, you have the potential of spending a good 72 hours of quality time together with your guests, which is the whole point! If you love the idea of hosting a party in a foreign location, here are a few tips that will help shake things up a bit.

Have Your Own Planning Team

This is especially critical if you decide to nix working with a professional planner, and delegation is your path to success. However, while organizing a get-together in a foreign locality, you should be aware that language barriers and time zones could hamper planning. It’s best to work with a dependable local individual to act as your point person. The help you receive from locals can make a whole world of difference. The local can help you source caterers, hire a band, track down the best flourless cake in town, and even invite some of their fun friends to spice things up.

Give Guests Plenty of Notice

Ideally, send your chosen guests save-the-date announcements once you have settled on a date and place – months in advance. This offers the guests a chance at booking their own accommodations (if necessary), monitor airfares, and take advantage of potential flash sales.

Pick a Location Wisely

While the idea of a family reunion on some remote island sounds perfect, accommodations may only be available at ultra-expensive resorts. Choose a location that offers a variety of lodging options to accommodate different travel budgets. Or you can go one better by planning to have your guests stay at one location for instance at local party houses to rent.

Another consideration is the weather. For instance, it’s probably not a good idea to plan your event during the peak of the hurricane season. Other things you should consider include ease of travel to your preferred location, airfare affordability, and season.

Have a Theme

Ensure that party decorations, dress code, and music all revolve around your party’s theme. For example, if recreating the early days of Rat Pack for a multigenerational family, consider a late 1940’s theme. This includes everything from invitations, drink coasters, and matchbooks to a photographer wearing period clothing and using a vintage camera!

Goody Bags for Your Guests

Pick appropriate but unique little gifts at discount or craft stores. While guests leaving a party in D.C will enjoy White House labeled toothbrushes, beach partygoers will probably enjoy a pair of flip-flops. If the party is overseas, consider customs packing restrictions – favors should be easy to carry home.

Your Budget

Know your budget and consider what is critical to make your celebration a success. In most cases, flower arrangements can send your budget through the roof. On the other hand, invest in a quality photographer for lasting memories of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Have a Present Plan

Some party honorees do not like gift registries, but when they want presents and travel is involved, it’s best to have a present registry online. The gifts can then be shipped to the party’s guest of honor’s home. If you still insist on a “no presents” policy, some of your guests will still give something, so consider pre-choosing a charity for donations.

While party planning is not for everyone, the tips above can help you organize and throw a killer party, even while traveling. Not everyone is equipped with the vision or capability of planning the perfect event, but most people like attending them. Use these tips to plan events and parties that you wish you were invited to!

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